*A little talk about blogging*

Trousers : Dorothy perkins / Top : Zara / Belt : Primark / Ring : ASOS

It's just been a very good day, so good that my superstitions about Friday 13th have officially, vanished. I was kindly asked to do a talk about blogging at the Insititute of Directors Ladies Lunch today! Inititally, i was incredibly intimated and felt very 'out of place' but much to my dismay, it was very successful and I feel i've learnt so much! I've just finished my Alevels, but am having the inevitable 'second thoughts ' about the Geography degree i've applied for. I absolutely love fashion and writing, and chatting to some lovely ladies today has really inspired me to pursue what I'm apparently good at - blogging. There is so many degrees out there related to blogging which I hadn't the foggiest idea about, so I finally feel like i'm taking a step in the right direction. 

Anyway, enough of the 'life talk', and onto why you came here; My outfit. I bought these trousers from Dorothy Perkins a little while back in the sale for just £15! I unfortunately had to get them in a size 12 (Im a 10) because my size was out of stock (always a bummer) but, a belt never fails to save the day. They may be a little loose around the waist and ankles, but they are so bloomin' pretty and comfortable I just didn't have the heart to send them back! I teamed them with a basic black body from Zara, and wore my horse shoe earrings from Whistles, and my new ring from ASOS! It was quite a 'sophisticated' look but i had to dress 'respectively' (as mother would say) for todays events. My makeup was quite simple as well, just a peachy lip, and a little liner on my eyes! I may start doing more hair/makeup related posts because i'm constantly getting asked questions! Although, in terms of my hair, i literally just get out the bath, let it dry, and end up with a rather unruly, curly esque bush, that you girlies seem to adore. You must be mad? ... 

Nevertheless, let me know what you think of the makeup/hair posts and have a lovely weekend! Fingerscrossed the rain holds off hey! x x x


  1. you look lovely.

    Love the trousers, they really suit you!

    and your curtains... so good! x

  2. your eyes are so pretty! xxx

  3. You pull off this outfit so well! Keep blogging girl!

  4. I liked your trousers
    Dorothy Perkins has such a pretty collection!


  5. I absolutely love this outfit and the trousers are just perfect!!
    Keep blogging, you're amazing at it!! xxx

  6. those trousers are sooo pretty! and go so well with what your wearing!
    i love your blog! keeeep blogging as you are brilliant at it !!!

  7. your hair is lovely! and so are those trousers :)

    www.fearlessloves.blogspot.com xx

  8. Lovely outfit! I am so SO jealous of your hair! If I were to just leave mine, it would turn in to an absolute frizz ball! Well done on doing the talk! Must have been so nerve-wrecking!x


  9. I love your trousers, I'm never brave enough to wear anything that bold on my bottom half but you look fab! And I'd love to see hair and make up posts from you, you always look stunning so any tips I can pick up would be most welcome (: xx

  10. Those trousers are gorgeous x

  11. Glad your talk went well, and love the trousers, great print :)

    Karys x

  12. Lovely outfit.

    If you feel unsure about what degree you want to pursue then don't do it. Any second thoughts are a indication of how you are really feeling. You don't want to spent a fortune and 3 years of your life doing something you are not 100% sure about.

    Good luck with whatever it is that you do pursue :)


  13. ahh, you look gorgeous - the trousers are so summery and lovely :) you also have THE most gorgeous eyes i have ever seen! hah, i was also a bit wary of the degree i've applied for, which is media and comms, but after a good old chin wag with some people who had done that degree, i feel more confident :) whatever choice you make will end up being the right one :)xo

  14. you are so gorgeous, omg jealous :') love the trousers on you, they suit you so much!
    just keep blogging whatever you choose to do!

    liv xo


  15. Beautiful trousers! Paired together so well!! Sounds like a great time :)
    Check out my blog popcornandpersephone.blogspot.com
    Ally xoxox

  16. You look lovely! Your eyelashes are amazing!! XO

  17. Ahh that sounds amazing doing a talk on blogging! Congrats! Also well done for getting through your a-levels alive haha! The hardest 2 years of my life to date lol! Beautiful outfit, you look gorgeous! x

  18. Gorgeous trousers, you have such a cute blog! Congrats on the talk, I'm sure it was fab :)


    Please take a minute to look at my trunkshow;


  19. I love your hair!! The trousers look really pretty, not something I would pick up if I saw them on a hanger but now I defiantly will pick up and try a few things that I wouldn't normally, even if it's not my size, I'll add a belt now and make it work!!
    I've been looking for a top actually, so thank you!
    Please do a post about your make that you used in this post... how do you apply your eyeliner and what Mascara do you use? I love everything on this post :)
    an amazing blog, love seeing it on my 'reading list' :D
    sabrinaa xx

  20. those pants are awesome, look pretty on you! xx

  21. You look gorgeous, you're so pretty! Congratulations on the talk too, I'm sure you were great :) xx


  22. you're trousers are amazing, i adore the print! and i love your eyes!


  23. You look so beautiful!

    Huge hugs Gittemary.blogspot.com
    Please go and like my fb at facebook.com/thepictureofmary


  24. Wow, your blog is lovely! Do you edit your photos with a cool effect, because they look really nice!? What do you use?

    Zoe xoxo

  25. love the pants!! reminds me of cherry blossoms.

    xo kerker
    The Ugly Moments

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  27. Just found your blog and I'm so glad I did :) Could you please tell me what kind of degrees are related to blogging? I'm really unsure of what to do when I leave school and I'd love some ideas as blogging is definitely something I'm passionate about <3

    Ellen xx

  28. I just found your blog. Thanks for following me on hellocotton. Lovely to find another Newcastle blogger. I love this outfit :) x

  29. You should follow your heart about the area you want to study, but listen to your head about which specific course will give you the best chance of a job. Love your outfit darling, and just have to say you have gorgeous eyes :D


  30. Love this! I'm your newest follower :) Check out my blog- http://methelittlenewbie.blogspot.ie/

  31. you're gorgeous, love those trousers x

  32. you look amazing! i'm applying to do a geography degree, i hope i dont get second thoughts :| haha. just followed your blog x

  33. congratulations!!!! love the trousers, gorgeous. your blog is adorable, count your followers up one :) xo


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