*The boys : Camo jacket*

Jacket : Military store / Boots : Timberland / Tee shirt : Electrik Sheep  / Jeans : Zara

Hello girlies & guys! Today i have something a little different for you! I guess you could call this a 'trial and error' post, as i'm not sure how it's going to go down with a lot of you! As you know, my blog is typically girly related, but I have some rather trendy male friends, and thought it could provide a little inspiration for any of my male readers, and also the boyfriends of you girls, if i was to do some 'male' outfit posts! Besides, it's good to spice things up a little, right?

Alex being one of the most stylish guys i know with his vintage jumpers, camo jackets & crazy printed shirts seemed like the perfect guy to start off this new chapter on my blog! As we all know, camo has been a huge trend this season, and is a perfect staple item for either girls, or boys! Alex actually picked this up from a miliatry store for a mere £10, so forget the expensive vintage shops for one, and head down to a military store! "Many camo jackets have all four colours dulled down to create a more realistic camouflage, close to what they originated from. But what i love about my jacket is that the colours are bright, making it stand out! I love the fact that the rest of my outfit can be quieter and the jacket can be seen as a stand alone piece, which is useful for when i'm too tired to care about what i'm wearing but still want to look socially acceptable!" A camo jacket will also be perfect to transition into spring, and great for the summer festivals we'll undoubtedly all be attending!

I'd love to know your thoughts on this post and if you want to see more! Also, if you happen to be a guy and want to be featured on my blog in the future email me at - 'dotty.dolly@ymail.com'. And you can follow Alex on twitter here! Have a lovely day everyone! xxx


  1. Great post - it's not often you see male fashion on blogs!. You should do some collab posts with him where you both show your outfits. I'm sure everyone loves your outfits so that way everyone will be happy, as not everyone might like this one - just an idea :). I think it's great though I love blogs that have a variety of posts :)

  2. I personally do not like the camo jackets and do not get the whole hoo-har about them! But cool post!

  3. Great post, it's nice to see something different on my dash! :) xx


  4. I'm not overly keen on camo jackets, interesting post though!



  5. Fab idea! I love to see men's fashion as well as women's!

    Please check out my new fashion & lifestyle blog!

  6. I really like this idea! I'm trying to tune into mens fashion more lately too, so these posts are exactly what I'm looking for x

  7. I really like how it looks, kind of reminds me on the ww's, hah! <3xo



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