*Everyone meet, Troy*

Jacket : c/o Karma Clothing / Leggings : Zara / Blouse : Dorothy Perkins / Boots : SoYouShoes / Necklace : c/o Eclectic Eccentricity / Bag : c/o Brand Village / Troy : All ours I'm afraid

Right, let me just start by asking, have I actually ever worn trousers/jeans on my blog? I think not. Whilst rummaging through my wardrobe to find an outfit to wear with this lovely jacket I kept grabbing out my dresses, and then i thought 'Why not just try something different for once?' So here you have it, 'leg conscious', 'always in dresses' me is wearing trousers! (Okay, maybe they're just really thick leggings, but it still counts!). I picked them up in Zara a little while back, and have fallen in love with them. I thought the zips went perfectly with the slight 'edginess' of the jacket (pick it up for a bargain at  £29.99), but i still added a little feminine touch with a floaty blouse, satchel bag and oversized sunglasses! This is such a different outfit for me, but I actually rather love it. 

I received this jacket a little while back from Karma Clothing, and now i've become comfortable with it,  I can't wait to style it all through spring. The material is light weight, so it's going to be perfect for cool spring days, windy summer nights, and spot on for my spontaneous little trip to Istanbul on Friday! *hoorah for some sun*. I'm in an absolute panic about what to take for the 19degrees weather because knowing me, i'll get cold. Fortunately, this is going to be a great jacket to keep the breeze off! Although, after the minus temperatures we've recently suffered, 19-20 degrees is likely going to feel like the Bahamas, so I should probably calm down a little?! 

So, you've read all about my outfit now, but i'm sure you are wondering who that little chap above is. Okay, well, everyone meet, Troy! The fluffy, lively new addition to the house hold. Who loves to chew EVERYTHING, may i just add. Despite that typical puppy habit, he's an absolute bundle of joy and an incredibly talented one at that! We've had him 3 days now and my sister has already managed to train him to sit! I know, i'm shocked too! Expect to see much more of him in the future!

I hope you all loved this outfit! I'd love to know your thoughts, and don't be shy to be honest! ;) Check out Karma Clothing, and tweet them too because i know they'd be delighted to hear from you all! They sell some fab pieces as well, so get stocking up your spring wardrobes! (That's if it actually arrives this year ...) xxx


  1. Lovely outfit! I'm jealous your'e going on holiday and your puppy is just too cute!
    Nina from little nomad

  2. You look lovely! :) I'm sooo jealous that you're going on holiday! And Troy is just absolutely adorable! x Laura


  3. Aw your dog is so cute ! <3

  4. Absolutely love this outfit, you look great! Troy is adorable too

    Julia x

  5. I love this outfit! Troy is so cute! xx


  6. Aww he's so cute! Makes me wish I had puppies again!
    Daniella x


  7. Your dog is such a sweetheart! His name is really cute too :). So jealous of your holiday too! That jackets looks like it will be perfect for it x


  8. hello troy! he's a such a cute little dog aw. i love your jacket too



  9. Great outfit, and such a cute dog!
    Loooove your blog.. so I decided to nominate you for the versatile blogger award :D
    Check out my blog post to see what it's about :)


  10. that necklace is gorgeous!

    Mind taking a second to check out my blog? I love feedback!

  11. I really love your outfit, and your coat is gorgeous.
    I'm the same when it comes to wearing trousers, they just seem so restricting when you can easily pop on a skirt!

    Charlotte xx
    We have our first ever giveaway, would be awesome if you wanted to enter!

  12. I really love all your accessories!

  13. Your dog is so sweet ! *__*


  14. Love your blog so much, it's so cute!
    So i nominated you for a versatile blogger award check it out below:))

  15. Your dog is so adorable, this outfit is definitely lovely too! :)

  16. such a lovely post and cute little dog is so so pretty!!!

  17. absolutely love the outfit! love your blog as well!
    let me know if you'd be interested in swapping buttons! email me at projectadoration@hotmail.com

  18. Wow, love your blog and this look is so in right now, will deffo be keeping up with this blog :)
    would you like to follow each other?

  19. Hey :)
    I love your blog I'm really glad I happened to stumble upon it, I love all your posts and everything. There super informative and really are helpful :) I plan to follow you on GFC and Bloglovin' (if you have one).

    Maybe you could do the same to me blog? I'm a fairly new beauty and fashion blog and it would mean so much to me. Maybe you could even stop by my blog and let me know what you think. Thanks in advance if you do and again I love you blog.

    - Krystal

  20. Oh my gosh Troy is adorable! xx

  21. Looking super gorgeous! Fabulous outfit matched with a great pair of designer footwear.. Awesome!! xoxo

  22. jacket is amazing




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