*Autumn has arrived*

I'm not even going to try and bother boring you all with a 'sorry i've been gone for so long' speech, because you've heard it all before. Yes, i may have been astray for quite some time now, but circumstances have changed and i'm back to the blog. That is all that matters, right? 

Any-who, unless all you brits have been under a rock for the last cold, few weeks and haven't looked out of your window, you may have noticed that the orangey brown leaves have fallen; wooly hats have reappeared, and yes, autumn, dare i say it- is upon us. For me, this means one thing - organisation. Yep, the summer shorts and dresses are shoved to the back of the wardrobe (some are saved for those 'cardi, tights, dress' kinda days and bobble hats are placed in easily accessible places. My darker lippy's reappear, smokey eyes back and my room has a general sort, clean and prep for the foreseeable bitterly months. I doubt i'm the only one?

So, here is a few photos of a some little bits in my newly organised room, and of course, my current 'go to' makeup look. (Lip crayon from H&M). Have a fab monday! xox


  1. You're not the only one, I'm the same! I much prefer the colder months to the warmer, you can't beat duvet days! :)xo


  2. Ahh your room looks so pretty!

    Becca || Becca Said x

  3. i prefer the colder months too! not the rain though. Your room looks gorgeous

    have you seen my latest post on room decor ideas?

  4. your room is so wonderful and i love that little elephant! glad to see you back :)

    xo Sarah

  5. You have beautiful taste.


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