Velvet is going to be big this A/W! You have probably noticed it slowly creeping into your highstreet stores! I've never really been a fan of velvet, but I really am getting into it. I think it can look too over the top sometimes, but with a few staple peices, you are sure to work the trend without looking 'trashy'.

Here's a few of my favourites, mainly topshop. (wasn't intentional...honest.)

Topshop: £28 (they have more colours)


Topshop: £10
Topshop shorts: £32

Topshop: £30
 urban outfitters: £15 (SALE)


  1. I love this style of clothing, looks so vintage and glamorous to me!!
    Great post and i will be hunting that blue dress down!!

    LoveFaye xoxo

  2. It really does! I want to blue dress so bad! i need to start saving ... haha! Love your blog btw :) xxxx

  3. I remember wearing a lot of velvet when I was younger! Ahh brings back a lot of memories! ♥


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