*D.I.Y : Floral pocket insert shorts*

Hello lovlies, I have a little D.I.Y for you today! For those that follow me on twitter or instagram you will have seen that my original plan was to repair a pair of Vintage Ralph Lauren shorts and cover one side of the front in floral material. Some how, i got distracted by the prettiness of the material that my lovely nan gave me, and did this little project instead. (I'm yet to finish the others, but i'll keep you updated). Now, just as a little *disclaimer, I had not intended on the material matching my top, I just simply happened to wear my pyjamas all day (because i'm lazy) and i then realised my top nearly matched! Anyway, I'll stop blabbering now ...

And there you have it... It's honestly sooo simple, and requires no stitching! You could use any material you like, but make sure you use strong glue! I love how pretty they look now, as it just gives them that little 'something' I'm actually thinking of starting youtube videos, what do you think? It would definitely make D.I.Y's a lot easier for you all to understand! :) I hope you enjoyed this girlies! x x x


  1. Got to do this, they are so cute :) x

  2. Oh my goodness they are so cute! Definitely consider making YouTube videos, I would be a #1 subscriber hehe

    xx Carina

  3. i LOVE experimenting with old shorts! i made the most neato-burrito pair of dip-dyed high-waisted shorts. love 'em!
    cute little blog, by the way!


  4. This is really cute and simple :) now i just need to find some pretty material x

  5. Yay I'm so happy I've stumbled upon this blog!! Only yesterday was I wondering how to jazz up my old jeans which I cut into some shorts and now I know how to!! Please take a gander at my blog popcornandpersephone.blogspot.com
    Ally xoxox

  6. very cute! It looks really good when you match it with your top!
    I recently did a diy post on belle noel hair chains!Maybe you have time to check it out!!!!!


  7. this is gorgeous, the materials lovely :) xo


  8. I love little details on items of clothing and the pocket insert just gives it that extra to make it stand out. (well down on having a matching top what a coincidence!!)xxx

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  10. such an easy idea and looks soo nice. going to give this ago!
    love your blog and i think starting a youtube channel with be great!

  11. I love adding this kind of small detail onto clothes!! Thanks for sharing this x

  12. this is so cool, i have to try it! :)

    <3, Mimi
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  13. Hi, I'm Molly and I'm from New Zealand.

    This looks like an awesome project,love the floral material!

    I am now following you blog, you can follow me at thecottagediaries.blogspot.co.nz

  14. i like your blog!

    let's follow eachother?


  15. These are so cute! Love the girly touch it adds!


  16. these came out very nice. i love them. great blog. would you like to follow each other?


  17. Cute diy, I think I'll do this to jazz up my jeans.

  18. Hi! :) Love the shorts! Just found today your blog and i´m a new follower! Hope you can follow my baby blog back too! Kisses


  19. Lovely idea! I will defiantly try this! I know this sounds odd but where is your bedding from, and where did you buy your shorts?

    Thanks for having a great blog that I love reading!

    -Hope xx

  20. Great idea! I love your blog and voted for you in DIYblog at Cosmo awards :) Ixx

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