*Re-invent your Jewellery*

Hello girlies, i've just got a quick little post for you today! Basically, i've been trying to find new ways to 're-invent' my jewellery. In other terms, I'm bored of what I've got and want to make it into something new! This idea came about when i was going through my rings a while back! I found myself with many pretty rings, but the majority were too small as i'd had them since a little girl. Being a sentimental person myself, i just couldn't get rid of them. So when i came across an empty chain on my jewellery hook my inner 'not so' genius struck and this Is what i ended up with - A pretty new necklace stacked full of rings and charms! Love it. Please ignore Hermione too, i was trying to get a shot of the necklace hanging, but she found it far to entertaining and has once again found herself looking pretty on a blog post - What is she like?

Do you have any other ideas or tips to 're-invent' your jewellery? I hope you all have a lovely weekend! 
x x x


  1. i've done this with some of my rings too, good idea :D xo


  2. I'm definitely going to do this with my rings that are too small for me! I love it! It's such a great idea xo


  3. Wow I love this idea it looks great! x

  4. it's gorgeous and sweet
    thanks for the idea :)

  5. I've done this before with rings that don't fit, although mine weren't as pretty as yours so it didn't look as good! I always keep chains because you never know when they can come in handy! I've made old watches without straps into bracelets before too using ribbon through the strap holes or putting a chain through them so they become a necklace - simple but effective ways of reworking things are the best (: xx

  6. Thats so cute Jade! I sometimes put a brooch on a long chain and turn it into a long necklace.

    Rhiannon xx

  7. As a student of fashion journalism, I have to style photo shoots. I love using stud earrings to decorate hair (sounds strange, but looks amazing!). For a recent styling project, I bought a big multi-pack of pearl studs from Primark, and used them to embellish my sisters hair which was done up in a loose french plait style. I used the image as my blog header I loved it so much :)

    I am holding a massive giveaway on my blog, simply leave a comment on my latest post - the goodie bag up for grabs contains products from Lush, Eyelure, Rimmel and Montagne Jeunesse to name just a few! I'd love it if you entered <3



  8. This is such a cute idea, I've got lots of rings hanging about so I will definitely look for a chain! Your cat is adorable

    Julia xx

  9. I've done this to some of my rings too and I really liked it!

    xoxo, Laura

  10. thats a really good and nice idea :) xx

  11. very clever!
    i also made a lovely necklace out of shreds from an old top. i dip dyed the fabric at the ends too :D

    would be honored if you followed me!



  12. Love this idea! Totally brilliant! Also can I say how gorgeous your cat is so so adorable!

    totally a new follower!


  13. This is so cool and the photo with your kitty is so cute :)
    I love re-inventing jewellery and creating new, it's awesome to have something completely unique.

    Congrats on being a featured blogger at Bloggers.com :)



  14. this is a great idea as usuall!

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  16. Wow, I love your blog and love this idea! I have lots of rings I no longer wear, and this is perfect!


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  19. That is such a brilliant idea! *runs off to find all my old rings*

  20. amazing idea! i love how your cat's starring at the necklace haha*

  21. I love this!! I have so many rings that I don't wear anymore, such a good idea x


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