*A few things every girl needs*

This post is a little random, and a little thrown together. But, whilst going through all my photos I realised that when i do outfit posts i always seem to miss out some nice photos. Most likely because I'm so bloomin' indecisive on what photos to use! Regardless, i've managed to put together a post which includes 4 items of jewellery i pretty much always wear, and what i feel every girl needs.

Pearl Earrings : Even as a little girl i loved pearl earrings, and still do now! They are so pretty, classic & a great option when you don't know what earrings to wear because they go with absolutely everything! The ones in this photo are not real, and you don't need to spend a lot of money to find lovely faux pearl earrings! Infact, i think these are just from Primark! I do have a little pair of real ones that my mum bought back from South Africa for me, but they are just for special occasions because I'm such a clumsy person and am forever losing earrings! Woopsies.

Embellished bracelet: This little beaut (well, it's not so little) is from Dorothy Perkins, and i've had it, and sworn by it for many years! I particularly love wearing it on a night out with a LBD because it just adds something a little extra to a previously not so interesting outfit! Most high street shops sell similar items, such as Dorothy Perkins, New Look & River island! So have a look! 

Vintage locket : This is possibly my favourite item of jewellery, ever. My nan & i searched high and low for a love heart, gold locket for ages! And then finally came across one on ebay! Fortunaely we won the bidding and this pretty little thing was my 18th birthday present from my Grandparents! I hardly take it off and am forever getting complimented on it! It's such a timeless, sentimental piece and something i will no doubt keep forever. I just need to put a photo in it now! 

Statement Ring : No girl can ever have too many rings! And especially not the big, sparkly ones! This turquoise ring is also from Dorothy Perkins & one of my favourite rings i own! It's so chunky you can just wear it on its own, and still feel dressy - which i love. 

I hope you enjoyed this girlies! I'd love to know what your favourite items of jewellery are! I'd also just like to say THANKYOU SO MUCH to everyone who voted for me in the Cosmo Blog awards! I was amazingly & very unexpectedly shortlisted for best DIY blog! I honestly couldn't believe it! You can still vote for me here, which would obviously be amazing, but I'm already so grateful for everything!! Congratulations to all you other bloggers who were nominated too! Gahhh I'm so excited! xxx


  1. totally agree with everything definately the pearl earrings they are just twooooo cute!
    love your blog esspically your DIY's!

  2. The locket and that ring are so beautiful! My favourite piece of jewelry has to be my necklace with a key on that my Gran got me for my 18th however after a drunken night out I took it off and flung it somewhere in my room so it's lost at this moment in time.. haha

    Julia xx

  3. The locket is gorgeous! I've always wanted one since I was tiny, maybe it's time to reignite an eBay search for one hahah :)
    Liv x

  4. Such a good post idea - you should turn this into a tag!
    http://ohmyolivia.blogspot.com/ xo

  5. Pearls in general are a must! x

  6. You have such a lovely blog, I especially like those pearl earrings! :) I added your button to my blog, I hope you don't mind!! :)
    Emma xo

  7. Great post and your locket is beautiful, very classic xo

    Chloe xo


  8. Such beautiful pieces! I have to agree with them all, but especially the locket and pearl earrings :) xx

  9. I have to have statement rings! and pearl earrings haha, pretty much this whole list? x

  10. soo true. they are absolute staples! you must get this a lot but, your eyes are STUNNING!



  11. I'm not one for too many jewellery but I also try to wear at least one piece of it.

  12. I love the vintage locket, I've always wanted one too but unfortunately for me I haven't found one yet!! The pearl earings are stunning but kinda pointless for me as I haven't even got my ears pierced ;) I have a statement ring, I always wear it. It's a little (well kinda big) owl and it's silver and very edgy!! This is such a cute post, great photos too by the way!!
    Ally xoxox

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  14. I am also always losing earrings! :D I absolutely adore your embellished bracelet, its gorgeous! Your blog is amazing !!!


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    your blog is good! I'll visit again :)
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  16. I love faux pearl earrings, I probably have 5 pairs! I am forever losing earrings just like you, I couldn't ever have real pearls out of fear of misplacing them :)



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  18. I'd agree with most of these- I just can't have things on my wrist! I agree with what you said about the pearl earrings, they go with everything! xx

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  20. Statement rings are an absolute must for me! I hardly ever wear jewellery but they're so easy to wear so it's fab. Love your locket too!


  21. you are so pretty!

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  22. So cute! Love your blog! Your so talented! :)

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  23. Great post!! Essentials!


  24. Amazing eyes you got!

    Huge hugs Gittemary.com

  25. Lovely earrings!
    Nice blog :)
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  26. Lovely little post.


  27. Great postLove all the jewellery

    I'm your newest follower hope you return the favour


  28. you're absolutely stunning!! xx

  29. You are so pretty! And your eyes look beautiful(:!

  30. Thank you for your post.I like your bracelet!`

  31. You are so cute! You have beautiful eyes! Kisses


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