Since deciding on taking a year out to work out what i want to do, I need to save as much money as possible! I have sooo many clothes that i don't wear/fit into or suit any more and many of them are brand new! So i thought i'd do a blog sale! (Paypal only) If you're interested in any of these items please :

1. Email me at jadearchibald@ymail.com
2. State which item you like (first come first serve)
3. Make a paypal payment to jadearchibald@ymail.com PLUS £2 P&P (i will combine postage too)
4. Email me your address, and i will send your items within 3 days of receiving payment!

Anyway, enough of the boring talk; here is what i have for sale!!!

1. H&M Brand new floral trousers, size 12 (would fit 10) - £10 (RRP: £12)
2. Vintage high waisted green tapered trousers, size 8 - £9
3. Primark Brand new blouse, size 10 (would fit 6-8) - £8 SOLD
4. Romwe Brand new sheer blouse, one size (6-8) - £14 (RRP:£30)

5. Romwe brand new polka dot shift dress! Size 6-8 - £18 (RRP: £30)
6. Max C London Brand new ivory peter pan collar blouse! size 10-12 - £18 (RRP: £30)
7. Vintage blouse with embroidered collar and centre, size 8-12 - £6
8. Boohoo Brand new love heart green peplum top! size 10 (would fit better on 8) - £12 (RRP: £15)

9. Ralph Lauren navy & white bretton tee! Excellent condition! Size 8 (would fit 6) - £20
10. Vintage midi skirt! Amazing print! size 10 - £8
11. Vintage Pastel yellow fisherman jumper! Size 8-12 - £6
12. Ark Clothing Brand new high waisted polka dot shorts, size 8-10 - £10 (RRP:£20) - SOLD


  1. I love the Romwe & Max C London blouse, very cute xo

  2. Oh my gosh I love the Rome! Wish I had some money now :( A grat idea and some really beautiful clothes!
    Ally xoxox

  3. I just thought I'd leave you a little message to say I just discovered your blog and I love it! So lovely :) I've added your button to my sidebar and you have a new follower :)


  4. Hii<3 I love your photos on your blog, thought you might check out my blog as well! I post my blog from Japan and share pictures I took of fashion in Japan, world of fashion, high and low, basically everything<3 Hope you stop by and follow if you like, thanks for your time!

    Little K.

  5. Hey, I awarded you the Liebester Award, you can check out my blog for details :)

    Bex x

  6. Hiya! Are you still selling your bits here? Just wondered if you'd like a bit more traffic. I can place an advert on my blog (for free) to help you through if you would like.

    I would need permission to make a button from the clothing items if that's OK with you. If they're not watermarked I can always watermark them for you, and then link back from Emma's Channel.

    Let me know if this is suitable and I will send you a link when done!

    Good luck with the sale! ;)


Hi, I'm Jade. Just a 19 year old girl with big dreams. Chocolate lover, shopaholic and living way beyond my means. (That rhyme was unintentional, honest.) If you'd like to get in contact, i'd love to hear from you at: dotty.dolly@ymail.com

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