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Hey girlies! I hope you are all well! A little while back i asked you all if you'd like to see some hair posts, and many of you said, yes! Well, coniciedently a few days later i was contacted by John Freida and asked if i'd like to try some of their full repair range! obviously i jumped at the chance, especially as my heat attacked hair was in desperate need of some help. I was very kindly sent the deep conditioner, styling spray & the perfect ends deep infusion.
The first product i tried was the full repair deep conditioner! Despite being quite a small tub i found that it lasted quite a long time (3 weeks, as i used it twice a week) and i only needed a small amount of product to massage through my hair. I used it twice a week as it is a deep conditioner, so it wasn't necessary to use it every day. Typically, I have very unruly, frizzy & curly hair, so i'm always open to options to tame my crazy mane. I must be honest, i fell totally in love with this product and it did exactly what it says on the tin! My once undefined curls actually looked groomed for once, and my split ends seemed much less visible! So, I was already happy with this product, and then it was time to try the other one ...
After using the deep conditioner, I would apply a few pumps of the perfect ends deep infusion (whilst my hair is still wet) by massaging it through from root to tips. The aim of this product is to silken & protect, so i focused mainly on the tips of my hair to protect them against heat. Not only did i instantly feel the difference in the smoothness of my hair, but it was also really easy to use! I often find myself losing loads of product when using serums because of screw top lids, however the pump on this product made it really efficient! So hopefully this product will last me a while, and once i have used it, i will definitely be purchasing it myself!
The last product i'd apply is the style creator, heat protector! Seeing as i have such crazy hair, my GHD's are always in hand, so i use gallons of heat defense! I guess it's difficult to really judge whether a heat defense really helps protect your hair, but since using this spray along with the other 2 products I have definitely seen an improvement in the appearance of my split ends, and the overall shine & condition of my frizzy locks, especially after styling using heat. In addition, i have noticed that this product has improved the body & style of my hair once straightened! Although my hair is naturally hugely volumised, once straightened and attacked with heat it loses its bounce and looks droopy - never good. So seeing a difference since using these products has definitely made me, and my hair very happy!
So i'd just like to say a huge thank you to John Freida for introducing me to these products, because they really have improved my hair & made styling my frizzy curls so much easier! If you haven't tried these products already i really do recommend them! You can purchase them and check out more information about the products here! I'd also recommend checking out the luxurious range too as i've read some great reviews about those products!

Hope you're all well girlies! x x x

*All products c/o John Freida


  1. You have such gorgeous hair! I really want to try the serum after reading this! Xoxo

  2. I've been looking out for a range of good hair products for a while, may have to try this out! lovely post xxx

  3. Wow.. this range sounds amazing! Will definitely be trying some of these products out as my hair is definitely in need of some repair! now for the hard bit.. which one do i try out first? x

  4. Your hair is so gorgeous, Jade! This range sounds amazing! I really want to try the serum!x


  5. John Frieda products are amazing! I'm glad they made a big difference for you. Great post! x


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