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So, as you've probably gathered from the post title, this is a little 'accessory' haul of my recent purchases. I hardly ever do posts like these, but felt these items were too pretty not to share. Would you like to see more posts like this? Anyway, i'll start with my favourite item! I ordered this case off Ebay about a week ago after seeing it on someones instagram. They had many colour options, but being a pink lover i just had to have this one! For £1.89 i really couldn't complain, especially as delivery was quicker than expected (It's from China, obvs.) and the quality is surprisingly amazing! If you have an iPhone, i definately recommend picking one up from here!
For those that follow me on twitter or Instagram, you may have noticed that I went to a Cath Kidston outlet in St. Neots last week! (Most likely, as i posted ridiculous amounts of photos) I honestly felt like i was in heaven! Not only was i surrounded by pretty things that i didn't really 'need', the prices were amazing! I picked up a few things which I'm sure will be in posts soon, but i just had to show you this compact mirror! it was a mere £7, and i'd been after a slightly larger one for ages, so it is absolutely perfect. Oh, and look how pretty it is too... *all together now* - 'Awwwww'.
The last thing I want to show you is this rose gold hair cuff. You've probably noticed all the blog hype recently about the H&M version, however, silly little me didn't jump on the bandwagon when they were on sale for £2.99 and found myself searching on Ebay, to be totally disheartened when sellers were trying to rip me off by selling these at £10.99 (or more). Obviously I wasn't THAT desperate for one, but managed to find a very cheap (Chinese) version for just £1.14! As far as i'm aware, they are pretty much an exact replica, the quality is rather good, and i got it even cheaper than the H&M version - So, HA. If you want one of these too then you can pick one up here!

I hope you enjoyed this girlies! Just wanted to say that my Instagram name is 'dotty dolly' for anyone who wants to follow! Leave me your names down below too so i can follow you! :) xxx


  1. what a gorgeous post, its full of all the cutest of things in the world!
    instagram: lisforladybird
    hope you're well!
    laura xx

  2. I saw these cases on Ebay also, they're so pretty aren't they! Love your Cath Kidston purchase too :) x

  3. I love the hair cuff, how do you wear yours? I'm never 100% sure if I do mine right... xo

  4. aww I love everything, especially the iphone case! At first I thought it said £189, not £1.89 ahah :P xx


  5. how cute is that phone case, i would by an i phone just to have that phone case! but im not loaded so im not going to do that but you get what i mean? :P
    Instagram; smozzy14

  6. All these items looks really pretty! I love how the iphone case is 3d and the cuff looks like a really good dupe for the h and m one. Am tempted to pick one up as it would add so much to a simple ponytail. Nice post! :) x

  7. All these things look so sweet. I really love the layout for your blog too:) <3

  8. Love these accessories, especially that hair cuff,haven't seen anything like it before!! Xo

  9. love the hair-cuff! x


  10. Gorgeous pieces, I especially love the phone case, so so pretty! xxx
    Dreams and Dresses

  11. I really love this post, you got some really pretty things. I especially like the iphone case its adorable. I am so jealous about the Cath Kidston outlet; it sounds like heaven! I recently did a post about the H&M hair cuff, as you said this ebay one looks no different. xxx

  12. I love the hair cuff, I always try and jazz up my pony tails. xxx


  13. I didn't jump on the hype either but I wish I did! x

  14. love the cath kidston mirror, i went to the st neots outlet about a week ago absolute heaven!! xx

  15. Oh China, the land of cheap things! I love the phone case, it's so pretty! x


  16. love the iphone case! so cute! very nice blog by the way :) Hey, if you want, check out my blog
    www.nessa-mae.blogspot.co.uk, If you like it follow on GFC and Bloglovin, and I ALWAYS follow back xx – Vanessa Mae

  17. Great haul! All the items are so cute, especially the iPhone case!

    Love your blog. So glad that I came across it :). x

  18. How did you do it?!Great job~Especially the pink accessory.

  19. I checked out the Cath Kidston store and it's almost like it was made for me! Too bad I live in the U.S...
    Thank you for the pot, I love your blog ♥
    Have a great day, love!


  20. I actually gasped with delight at how pretty that phone cover is!! Love the colour also. x

    Stories of an English rose

  21. Gorgeous phone case :)



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