*It's a good hair day*

Hair brush : c/o ghd 

A few weeks back I was kindly sent this lovely hair brush from GHD. I'd been on the hunt for a new one for a while, as I wanted a brush that wouldn't make my hair even frizzier! I'm no expert on brushes, but I know that lots of thin wiry bristles on a brush really do not work well with my hair, so I was delighted to be united with this large paddled, large bristled beauty! The long handle makes it comfortable & easy to use, and the thicker bristles run smoothly through my hair without making my hair static! I was going to style my hair with my straightners for these photos, but I thought it was important to show how great the brush is for my troublesome mop! My curls are usually knotted because the second a brush goes through them, they break up & frizz! Fortunately, this brush is soft enough to tame them, de-knot them and amazingly, not frizz them! Along with styling products too, (including copious amount of de-frizz serum) my natural locks are not so unruly! I feel like many of us fail to forget the importance of a hair brush, and it's amazing how finding the right one for your hair type can make such a difference to the overall quality & styling of you hair!

If any of you suffer with the unfortunate problem of hair brushes causing further frizz to your hair, like myself, I seriously recommend this one! I'd love to know if you already own it, or what brushes you use! xxx


  1. SO true about finding the right hairbrush for your hair type! I use a paddle brush too, they're fab. GHD have great products! xo


  2. i really love big paddle brushes because some brushes tend to make my hair frizzy too! xo


  3. I think I need to invest in some decent hairbrushes - it's something I use so often that it makes sense to! I currently just use a Tangle Teezer as I find other brushes either hurt my hair too much or take forever to get through the tangles xx

  4. I have a paddle brush just like the ghd one and it works wonders for me :)

  5. i do love all GHD products x

  6. It looks like a good investment. :) Great pics.
    x Love M


  7. Hooray for GHD, this hair brush looks fab, its so important to use a good brush when youve got long lovely hair like yours :) x


  8. I really do love your hair, it looks amazing all the time!



  9. I have that hairbrush, it's great! Your hair is lovely xx


  10. Your hair is so lovely! I've just found your blog and I'm looking forward to reading more :) xx


  11. This sounds really nice buy I think I have way to many brushes already. But it's a nice post! <3 xo


  12. I may not have really curly hair, but my hair is convinced it's a lions mane, and as soon as a brush touches it, my hair goes insane!! Maybe this brush is the answer to my prayers ? :L




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