*Skinny jeans: The perfect winter staple?*

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Building up a new winter wardrobe from scratch can be a costly undertaking, so it’s far better if you can recycle pieces from years gone by – and it looks like skinny jeans have now cemented their place as the perfect winter wardrobe item. Despite having recently been on the receiving end of damning criticism from Keira Knightley, skin-tight jeans continue to dominate the high street from season to season – but why are they such a great choice for cooler weather?

They’re feminine yet edgy
Spiderman star Emma Stone’s casual, tomboyish style has established her as a major fashion icon. Teaming her favourite pair of skinny jeans with a high collared jumper or button down shirt, Emma manages to rock the androgynous look while still retaining an air of femininity – and it’s all down to her jeans.
Skinnies are a great way of showing off your legs when the weather’s too cold to wear a skirt, giving you an ultra-sleek and feminine silhouette. You can make your legs look even longer with a pair of nude heels, or keep your feet cosy by tucking your jeans into a pair of ankle boots.

They suit most body types
Curvaceous model and actress Sofia Vergara proves that you don’t need to be a ‘skinny Minnie’ to look fantastic in skinny jeans. Sofia is often seen strutting her stuff in tight-fitting jeans, and always manages to avoid the dreaded ‘sausage leg’ look. In fact, she loves her tight jeans so much that she has even designed her own range for a US supermarket chain.

They’re comfortable
Just a few days after giving birth to son Tennessee James, actress Reese Witherspoon was spotted out and about in her favourite pair of skinnies. Like most denim products, tight jeans become softer and more comfortable over time, making them a great item to pull out of your wardrobe year after year.

If you’re looking to update your wardrobe with some new staple skinnies this season, you’ll find a great range of skinny jeans at Very.co.uk, from top brands such as Diesel, Hilfiger and Firetrap...

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I hope you enjoyed this post and the celebrity inspiration! I'd love to know where you girlies get your skinny jeans from? x x x


  1. I only ever wear skinny jeans, they just flatter my legs so much :) xx


  2. I love skinny jeans :) xx


  3. I wear the Leigh jeggings from Topshop - they're so soft and skinny! I find jeans quite uncomfortable usually so these are the only (cheap!) ones I've found that I find really comfy xx

  4. I adore skinny jeans! H&M do amazing ones xx

  5. Kristen ones at Topshop are my favourites because they're comfy and high-waisted which is the best cut on me :) x

  6. I love skinny jeans, so easy to dress up or dress down! An all year staple in my view (especially in the UK!)



  7. love skinny pants


  8. I love this post! I usually get mine from New Look xxx

  9. I think they might just be! I went years thinking that skinny jeans would never suit me being curvy but I tell you this - Primark jeans have revolutionised my life. Haha! Cheap enough to replace and a great fit as they're stretchy. xo


  10. Lovely post! I couldn't live without my skinnies. I've always loved Topshop ones, but I think the Primark ones get better all the time and now seem just as good!


  11. I used to hate skinny jeans, but recently I've become obsessed!



  12. I'm on a hunt for a good pair of shinny jeans so this helped me a lot. Thanks! <3 xo


  13. Yes! I love skinny jeans, pretty much all year round, as well. But I wear them way more during the winter :)

  14. I practically live in my skinny jeans, I love my Topshop and Dorothy Perkins jeans :)



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