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This is the point where I tell you to forget your monthly beauty boxes and think about something totally new & exciting instead. Yes, Chic Maker. If you're an avid fan of D.I.Y and all thing creative then look no further than this fabulous monthly subscription. Each month you recieve a beautiful little kit to help you make an on trend, gorgeous piece of jewellery which will last you a life time (un like beauty products which sadly run out). I was kindly asked if i'd like to try one of the kits, and of course, i jumped at the chance. In my kit was all the things I needed to make a beautiful bracelet which is going to be absolutely-bloomin-perfect for the spring season ahead!

As this is my first box, I recieved a 'starter kit' (worth £15) which provides you with all the neccecary tools such as pliers and glue to make your piece! I must admit, I was rather happy to find they were pink! ;) In another box is all the pretty little gems & beads and any other neccessities such as clamp beads & hooks!

Now, seeing as I just mentioned dreaded words like 'hooks' and 'clamp beads' you might be thinking 'Seriously, there is no way i'll be able to make this' but, I promise you, anyone can! Along with all the prettiness you will recieve a 'Make it' booklet (as pictured below) which gives exact, easy to understand instructions to insure you're wearing your new jewellery in no time! So, if you're typically not very good at DIY projects, this lovely little kit could be just the one for you!

Overall I am so impressed with Chic Maker! It's easy, fun and the perfect project to accompany a sunday night in with plenty of tea and cake! I absolutely love my bracelet, and don't doubt I will wear it constantly! Oh, and the fact that I actually made it myself makes me love it all the more! So now, if someone asks me "where did you get that?" I can be like "Oh, I made this!" ;) Brilliant, hey? xxx

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  1. i love the idea of this!! such a goodd idea and the jewellery will always be unique!

  2. so cute! great idea! xx


  3. The bracelet you made is so cute, I really like DIY stuff! x


  4. This is such a fab idea! Love the end result as well, and lovely that you can say you say its made by you when people ask!

    Sophs xx
    The Sopho Diaries

  5. This is such a great idea! x

  6. These are adorable! Need one of these sets xo

  7. need one of these!


  8. Very cute! I'm lazy so I'll never go get the separate tools but as a set I think I'd be more inclined to do it!

  9. I love creative things like this, I hardly ever have the time to sit down and actually do them though, which is a shame :( I love the look of this though, everything looks so pretty!
    Eleanor x


  10. I really want to get into more creative hobbies like bracelet making, this is the perfect kit for me, lovely post! Piage xo

  11. I'm really considering this! It seems like great fun and not too hard either. Great little sets :)



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