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Hey girlies! Last week i was kindly invited to the Next bloggers event! Apart from the Cosmo Blog awards, this was my first 'blogging event' as such. So, as you can imagine, i was a little nervous! Fortunately, the lovely Maria asked us to meet up before hand, so we had a drink in costa and got to know each other a little before heading over to the event at the Hempel Hotel. 
The event was held in a little out-building at the hotel and was adorned with makeup, perfume, branded products & even a little corner where we could get our nails & eye brows done or be pampered with a back massage! How lovely. In terms of presentation, i absoultey adored the 'Just pink' collection which caught my eye right away (but that's most likely due to me being such a typical girly girl). We were able to have a nose at all the products, and the lipglosses from this collection seemed absolutely delicious (although, it's reccomended you dont't eat them ;).
Being a beauty event, we were obviously spoilt with bubbly (which Maria & I had our fair share of to say the least) & scrumptious foods like salads, fruit & the very popular chocolate mousse! It was a fantastic oppurtuinity for me to meet some other bloggers such as the lovely Rhiannon, Julie & Jenny too because i've not met many of you before as i don't often get the chance to head down to London!
On hand was the experts from Next themselves to talk to us about all the products! The perfumes were an absolute hit, especially the 'Milan' scent which im just going to have to buy! What was great about The collection, is that each perfume is inspired by the famous fashion cities of the world; London, Paris, New York & Milan. So every perfume was unique, but there was a scent for everyone whether you love floral, fruity or spicier fragrances! There is also a great collection of male fragrances too, so definately check them out if you're struggling for christmas present ideas!

Overall it was a fantastic event & i'm so grateful to have been invited! I went home a very happy girly with my amazing goody bag full of products from 'The collection' and my pretty manicured nails, using polish from the Gold Collection (which is amazing, btw). I hope you enjoyed this post, i'd love to know if you've used any of Nexts beauty products before? x x x


  1. Looks like a lovely event, so jealous!

    Your blog is perfect
    x x x


  2. sooooo insanely jealous! take me along next time ;)

    I'm BACK! check out my latest post--



  3. I love the packaging for those products! They look really classy, and would it be going too far if I said "channel-esque"?x

  4. Aww I'm really happy you had a good time, I'd probably be nervous as well! The products look great, I've never tried anything from Next but I will definitely check these out, thanks for the post! xx


  5. That sounds lovely! Love the photos! <3 xo


  6. I was invited to this event but wasn't able to attend! I'm sooo annoyed now that I have seen this. Looks like you had a great night x


  7. Your pictures look beautiful! Pleasure to read your post! xx


  8. Sounds like a great night! I love the little fruit bowl! x

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  10. Sounds fun :-)Luckyy you

    x Love M


  11. Hi Jade :) i just discovered your blog today, and i am inlove.
    You have such gorgeous eyes and love your vintage style.

    Danielle at concrete rose

  12. Wow, this is sooo cool!!! Love your blog, I'm your newest follower! :)

    Please check out my blog if you have time :)





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