*Cosmo Blog Awards 2012*

Hey girlies! Hope you are all well! So, as many of you may know, the Cosmo Blog Awards were on Thursday night! (i'm sure you all know now with the influx of Instagram & twitter updates) Anyhow, I had been lucky enough to be short listed into the D.I.Y category which came as such a shock! I honestly had no idea that so many people would even consider nominating me, so to those who did - Thank youuu!!! I flew down (It's way more exciting than the train ;) from Newcastle on Wednesday with my mumma & was treated to a delicious champagne lunch at the Sofitel hotel once we arrived in London. It literally was champagne-for-lunch, but i'm not complaining. As if that wasn't enough, I was spoilt in Duty free (Oh hello YSL!) and ended up staying in, and dancing around a pent house in the Grange City hotel that night. No, I'm not joking. After getting no sleep due to sheer excitement, I rolled out of bed Thursday morning, enjoyed some scrumptious fruit for breakfast and pegged it down to Oxford street, because guess what?...  Last minute me still didn't have her outfit. Typical.

Eventually, after rampaging through Topshop, Zara & many other stores i hit Forever 21 in the hope of finding a dress! I saw this blue lace skater dress, and knew it was the one! I didn't want anything too 'OTT' because i had no idea to what extent 'dress to impress' meant. I teamed it with some beautiful black platform heels from Topshop and of course, my Chanel handbag. The awards were hosted at the incredible Rose Club which was filled with beautiful bloggers, amazing music & some delicious free cocktails! There was also the oppurtunity to have your make up & nails done! It was a girls heaven. I actually entered the awards by myself, which i must admit, was one of the most daunting & nerve wracking experiences of my life! I've never met any of the bloggers before so i had to forget about being shy and introduce myself to some of the gorgeous girlies! I first said Hi to the lovely Charlie & Olivia who looked absolutely stunning! And then met Kat (who by the way, is one of the sweetest people i have ever met) & El (who is blooming' hilarious and just as lovely in person)! We then hit the bar & attempted to eliminate the nerves with some yummy cocktails! - It kinda worked. Kat already knew a few of the girls there, so i then met the gorgeous Amelia and spent the rest of the night with her & Kat whilst meeting lots of other stunning bloggers! 

Kat & El
For the actual awards themselves, there was a stage where the winners & specially commended would go up to collect their awards and have a photo with the lovely Cosmo editors! The D.I.Y blog was the second category to be announced, of which i didn't win, but the girls who did truly deserved it! It was an honour to have even been nominated, especially as there was 35,000 nominations! - Crazy. Anyway, i did as i was told, and sent my mum a little text just to say I hadn't won, but was having an amazing time! Little did she know, that 10 minutes later i'd be calling her to say I'd been given a 'Special mention' (which Cosmo have never done before)! I honestly couldn't believe it, and my first words were "OH MY GOD!". Thankfully, i managed to make it up on stage without falling over (It's the sort of clumsy thing i do) and received the prettiest certificate - which I'm definitely framing! I then had a very nervous 'not sure how I'm actually here' photo with the editors and wondered off stage in utter disbelief! Like, SERIOUSLY!? - DID THIS REALLY JUST HAPPEN? The fact that out of every blogger who was shortlisted & nominated I'd been given a one off special mention was just unbelievable! I still can't believe it! Infact, I don't think it will ever sink in. When i started my little blog, i never in my wildest dreams thought it would be where it is today! But like they say; Hard work really does pay off!

Kat & Olivia
The incredible bar!

Mummas attempt to use my camera (at least the award was in focus 'ey? )
So there you have it! A rather long, mumbly & excited post about my experience at the Cosmo blog awards! Obviously there is so much more i want to say & show, so i think i will do another post on my outfit & the infamous goody bag! (which is absolutely mind blowing & currently keeping me entertained for hours!) I just don't want to overwhelm you all with my gibberish! I'd also like to say a huge congratulations to everyone who won, was commended or shortlisted! We're all winners for even being there! And what an amazing night it really was! Thank you Cosmo!!! xxx


  1. Congratulations! Looks like you had an amazing time :) x

  2. that looks like an amazing night! it's my dream to get to the cosmo blog awards one day - such a great opportunity to meet other bloggers as well as having a ridiculous amount of fun :) hope you enjoyed yourself lots and lots, well done on the award! you deserve it, love from a big fan :)
    liv xxx

  3. Congrats lovely! You totally deserve it! Looked like such an amazing night!x


  4. aw congrats! sounds like you had fun! xx

  5. Congratulations, it must have been so amazing to win such a special award! Truly deserved, xo.

  6. Congratulations sweetie! You definitely deserve it, you know I love your blog anyway but seriously it's fab and you're such a lovely girl that it really couldn't have gone to anyone nicer xxx

  7. This sounds like such a fun and exciting evening :) Congratulations on your special mention :) You deserve it you blog is lovely xx

  8. I voted for you ;) ;) well done lovely, this is something to be really really proud of and it looks like you had an amaaaazing time!xxxx

  9. Congratulations, such a achievement! Great pictures also(:


  10. congrats, you massively deserve it gorgeous girl :)


  11. Looks like a super fabulous event!

    Huge hugs Gittemary.com

  12. Ah congrats sweet! You definitely deserve it! x

  13. Ahh cute pics lovely! Look so funny crouching next to Olivia haha xx

  14. YEY for you x


  15. Congratulations - looks like you had an amazing night! xo

  16. Congratulations and you look stunning in these pictures,

    Chloe xo


  17. Congratulations lovely!!!! I'm soo happy for you :) You deserve it :)


  18. congratulations! glad you had a good time :) xx


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    I hope you can join too :D
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  21. congratulations dear......
    what a great night...

  22. Wow! That's amazing, congratulations m'dear. Such a brilliant experience.

    Just Smile.

  23. Aw congratulations, lovely! You looked gorgeous.

    LelaLondon.com - Fashion, Beauty, Lifestyle blog!

  24. Congratulations!! you look fabulous. Very nice outfit! i really like your blog- so inspiring and with so much love for detail. do you want to follow each other on gfc?? Let me know by posting on my blog :-) would be great! :o)


  25. Aww congrats! :) thanks for the comment on my blog, im a new follower! xx

  26. Ahh congratulations, how exciting for you! Looks like you had an amazing time! x


  27. Congratulations :) you deserve a nomination to be sure!



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