*Tea, cake & pretty dresses*

Despite the torrential downpour, bitterly winds, and looking like drowned rats, Daisy (from Daisy's dreams) & I had the most fantabulous day (As you are about to discover). We ventured down to Judy's affordable vintage fair in Newcastle which has been travelling all over, and was everything (and more) that we expected! 

Northumbria's student union was transformed into a vintage lovers haven and was adorned with many individual stalls selling everything from tea & cake, bath products and handmade dresses, to retro sunglasses, levi's shorts and beautiful handbags! Daisy and I were in our absolute element, but consdering the 'spending ban' we're both supposed to be on, we did manage to limit our spending. It became apparent we have similar style when we both went for a sparkly little shift dress from Tallulah vintage! Fortunately there was two, so we walked away happy girlies! It's going to be perfect for day & night, and i don't doubt it will be on my blog soon!

One stall that caught our eye was Craft Kitten It's a lovely little business, run by a lovely day, who sells lovely handmade accessorise. I couldn't believe how intrictate each piece was! Wouldn't those headbands be so perfect for a wedding? (I just need someone to get married now). 

We decided to have a little tea break at the Vintage tea party too (which was adorable). The crockery was provided by the lovely ladies at Ruby's tea party and the delicious cupcakes were made by Food Nation. It was such a perfect, and inevitably scrumptious combination!

So, not only could we buy tea, cake & pretty dresses, but we could also get our hands on some beautiful soap products too! How adorable is this cake slice from Granny Sally's soap kitchen? We were gutted we couldn't eat it.. Make sure you check out their site for yummy products! 

Overall It was such a lovely day, and definitely worth going! Be sure to check out all the sites linked, especially Daisy's lovely blog! xxx


  1. It looks like you had such a lovely time! The cupcake looks yummy and I love the flower headband in the first photo :) xx


  2. SUCH a lovely day :) so glad we have these blog posts to remember it by.



  3. These bits and pieces look so pretty, I bet that was a really lovely event to attend :). You did well not to break your spending ban too much! x


  4. Gorgeous headdresses!


  5. That decorative collar is so cute! :) x

  6. This really is just the cutest, I love all the headbands and that cupcake looks so yummy

    A little bit Unique


  7. Very cute post! I am now craving a cupcake!

  8. Really interesting stuff. I'd love a slice from Granny's Soap Kitchen. These are vintage at its best.
    Girlie Blog Seattle | Casual Chic Fashion

  9. Love the pretty collar!


  10. All these pictures are wonderful! Sounds like you had a brilliant day! xxx

  11. Wish something like this would happen in Norwich! loads of pretty items, I'm going to check out the cake soaps they look awesome :)


  12. Everything looks so pretty! I'm going to find out whether this is coming anywhere near where I live so that I can go!
    Eleanor x


  13. I want it all! So exquisite and whimsical...


  14. Ooo! The accessories look lovely and the cakes makes my mouth water! <3


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  15. that collar necklace is gorgeous!

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