College?... NO THANKS!

Me (right) and my beautiful new step sister on our holiday in Cyprus this summer! Had literally the best time and even managed to get what i would call, a good tan! 3 days in i did burn however, but thankfully my lobster coloured, severely blistered legs were kind enough to go brown after putting me through 5 days of PAIN. 

I start college again next week, and feel SO un-prepared. Literally, the only part i enjoy about going back to college is of course, the social reasons but also the shopping trip for colouring pens, post-it-notes and notebooks! (yes, i'm obsessed) I wouldn't exactly call it OCD but it's close enough... Me and my best friend share the same fantasy for all things 'coordinated' in terms of stationary, a strange similarity i know, but I LOVE IT. 

Moving on ...

It's now the 5th september which means it's time to get my winter wardrobe somewhat sorted! I'm worried i'm actually a bit late in doing this, the British weather is currently (excuse my french) SHIT, and makes me feel like it's already the middle of winter and i havn't got a single jumper in sight! I've decided i'm going to venture to the spider riddled loft (eugh) and fetch my lonely chunky knits from their 'special' box tomorrow and i'll post some pictures of them in all their beauty. Apart from the clothes i already own, It's time to get some new clothes for this years A/W. I'm thinking of doing a post for each of the trends this season with the key pieces i will be purchasing, which include trends such as glam gothic, 70's luxe, school chic and global nomad. Eeeeee I'M EXCITED!

Much love. <3


  1. I'm new to the blogging thing as well, but your idea for the different trends for this season sounds like a good idea :)

  2. hehe, i'm actually so excited! Thankyou, i'll start it soon and i'll check out your blog aswell :)

  3. You looks loads like Katy Perry here! gorgeous :) Love your blog too, followeddd :)

  4. Wow, that's such an amazing compliment, thankyou so much! :D i'll check out your blog aswell :) xxx


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