Hellooooooo, I just wanted to fill you all in on my day! :D i had a stupidly early morning as i was working, but after i finished i had 2 hours to waste whilst waiting for my bus home (yes, bus times are RIDICULOUS where i live) so i decided to have a wonder around all the charity shops! Not only did i find a new charity shop i also manage to pick up some, what i would call, amazing finds! yaaaay!

A list of what i bought:

  • Barbour jacket (mens quilted XS) - £12 ... No, I'm not joking!
  • Tartan chinos - £3
  • brand new high wasted skinny jeans - £6
  • tartan silk head/neck scarf 
  • embroidered blouse - £1.50
  • chunky knit jumper (for my sister) - £3.50
  • Dorothy perkins : 2 rings, red studded earings and 2 necklaces ( all £1 each)
My camera is currently being a massive pain in the assssssss, god knows what happened to it, the lens seems to be on permanent zoom. Great. So once i get it sorted i shall post some pictures of living proof of my amazing finds! I just can't believe them!, why would people not want these things? ... crazy hey.


  1. Thank you for commenting on my blog, I'm so happy people are actually reading it. I have left it a bit neglected and focused on my youtube channel for now but hopefully I will be able to multi-task at some stage.

    Glad to find another blogger that has just started and I love your posts!! So jealous of your barbour jacket find :P can't wait to see the photo, keep up the great work :D

  2. You're very welcome :) I know the feeling, i was worried i was pretty much going to be posting to myself! hahaha. I'm sure you will get into it and find the time for both.

    Aww thankyou! omg, I still can't believe i found one! I'll get a photo up soon :D

  3. Wow, you grabbed a lot of bragains!!
    I've been looking for high waisted skinny jeans :| where did you get yours?? xx

    Can't wait to see the pictures!! <3

  4. I really did! Still can't believe it! hahaha. I got mine from a charity shop, but i'm not sure on the brand, so i'll check it out for you sweetie :) Check out Topshops jamie high waisted jeans, they do them in a few colours aswell! oh and check out zara's range :) Hope this helps!

    I'm going to put some pictures up tonight :D xxx


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