Slipper Shoes

Recently, i have noticed practically everyone investing in some 'slipper shoes' I am yet to get my own but i do really like them. I guess they are imbetween a loafer and a normal ballet pump, or Aladdin shoes without the big curled toe... i don't know. But anyway, I've found a few that have caught my eye! I had seen a black studded pair in Topshop, however, i was too late. Bloody typical!

Hope you enjoy...

River Island: £30
Sam Edelman at Asos: £145 (<3 These)

Topshop: £50

Topshop: £22

Next: £22
Oh, and if anyone knows any other shops selling them, let me know :D Thankyou lovlies! :)


  1. I LOVE the Sam Edelman ones! Have you seen the jeffrey campbell ones, they are amazing :)
    love your blog! x

  2. Me too! I'm actually considering saving up for a pair! Nooooo i havn't, i'll check them out :) aww thankyouuu :D are you new to blogging aswell? x


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