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Playsuit : Zara / Nails : Essie, Lapiz of luxury

Hello girlies! I hope you're all enjoying the gorgeous weather like i am! I've already managed to burn my arms though, and knowing my luck I won't even tan after suffering the pain! - Typical. Anyway, I have a little 'outfit post' for you today! i had taken loads more pictures but they didn't turn out how i wanted so I'm left with these few! You get the idea of the outfit though, right? I actually bought this playsuit from Zara last summer, and couldn't get enough of it on my holiday to sunny Cyprus last year! So the second the sun came out I just had to get it back on! I love how comfortable, yet pretty it is too! I just went for quite a natural makeup look today as I was so hot and really couldn't be dealing with a heavy face of makeup! It's nice to give all the makeup a rest sometimes though isn't it? The nail polish is Essie, and i've literally fallen head over heels in love with the brand. This pastel blue colour is honestly, perfect.

I've had such a lovely day! Well, I had an economics exam this morning, but it went surprisingly well and mummy picked me up afterwards and we went to a beautiful restaurant for a yummy lunch! When i got home, i took some 'business' pictures for my mum, and thought i would share one of my favourites with you! You wouldn't believe she's nearly 40 would you? - So beautiful! Go check out her blog here too!

We've got yoga in the garden this evening to finish off a perfect day, and are off to see the family tomorrow for a little weekend away! I seriously need to get some more revision done though! How are all your exams going? Also, have any of you ever done, or are doing the Tone it up plan? I've just joined the bikini challenge in the hope of losing a few pounds and getting my body gorgeous for summer! The girls, Katrina and Karena are so inspirational and i can't wait to start! I think i may even do a post about the whole plan? :)

Have a lovely weekend girlies! x x x


  1. ooh your playsuit is gorgeous!xxx

  2. I've awarded you for the Kreativ Blogger Award! :)xo


  3. I love the playsuit, you look gorgeous! I went bright pink within a couple hours of the first day of sun! XO.

  4. love your eyes and your hair<333

  5. Your mum is so beautiful, must be where you get it from :) xx

  6. lovely look ^^

  7. Gorgeous playsuit! Your mum is so beautiful!x


  8. Your eyes are such a gorgeous colour x

  9. Pretty girl and pretty playsuit! You look lovely. Also your mum looks lovely in that photograph!

    Julia xx


  10. I love this playsuit! Wish I had a Zara near me so I could buy such delights, I'm still on the hunt for my perfect playsuit after seeing a beautiful one in Miss Selfridge but discovering it had disappeared when I actually had money! Always the way... (: xx

  11. likeeee your blog!!
    go for it!!! :):)


  12. ★ (・∀・)

    love pictures on your blog :) very nice layout. clean and charming. love your blog.
    I am following you, would you like to follow back? :-)

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  13. That playsuit is beautiful! Your mum is pretty!!
    xoxo, Laura

  14. You have lovely hair :D like the playsuit too!

  15. Your so pretty! I want your hair and I love your playsuit, so cute

    New follower here!


  16. Woww, your mom is gorgeous and looks so young!

  17. Holy Dolly, your blog is amazing! :)


  18. Just discovered your blog, it's fab! Love the playsuit x


  19. gorgeous playsuit! right up my street - I WANT! :) xx

  20. Hello!!
    Great blog!I just found it!!!

    I made a blog a couple of months ago too!
    I would really appreciate it if you could check it out and follow if you like it!!! :)
    Thank you!


  21. Lovely outfit :) I've followed xo


  22. The playsuit is SO nice. The colours are really lovely. Oh and by the way, I'm very jelous of your hair! :)x

  23. wow, your EYES!! and that room is so pretty, too. x

  24. Your hair is stunning - is it natural? I'm very jealous, mine is poker straight :/



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