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Hey girlies, I've got a little jewellery storage for you today. I don't know about any one else, but I'm totally obsessed with anything to do with organisation. Whether it be stationary, jewellery, clothing .. or even revision. Things that are organised and look pretty are just so much more appealing. In previous years me and my jewellery had a bit of a 'love-hate-relationship' I've always been lucky enough to own gorgeous jewellery, particularly my links of london and tiffany necklace, however i was never happy with how they were 'organised' in my room. Then, when i moved up north, the extra space in my boudoir pushed me to get myself, and my jewellery organised. To some, my jewellery storage may be boring and un-original, but ya know what? I love my ribbon as a jewellery hook, and my coat rack for necklaces, okay? ;) The jewellery stand i received as a gift, and i put all my more 'sentimental' jewellery on their, although, my 'knock off' toy watch seems to have made it's way over ... Now, as for the shoe. I received this as a gift, also, and i have to say, its the prettiest, sweetest, most stunning shoe i have ever seen, BUT, it's not very practical as the earrings seem to slide off it all the time! I think it is actually meant to be for rings, but they all live in my 20p basket from the charity shop. If you like what you see here, then check out places like Laura Ashley and Debenhams for pretty storage, or, check charity shops for baskets, coat hooks, and even some ribbon for all your earrings! I hope you enjoyed this lovelies!

Before i leave you all, my giveaway will be up tomorrow! I just need the boy to come home now so i can use his camera for some amazing pictures of the collars, but i guess my iPhone camera didn't do too badly here, did it? Thankyou for all the interest and lovely comments on the collars though too girlies! Im actually in the process of making a website, so that it's easier to purchase them! Oh, and is it just me, or does my blog seem to get more girly by the day? Too-much-pink.

P.s Go check out the lovely Lizee's blog post on a Dotty Dolly collar here! - She's just so sweet! And don't forget to follow her gorgeous blog too!

Lots of love x x x


  1. Thank you so much for the mention lovely! :):) I really like your idea of using the hooks for your necklace and odd bits and bobs -- I love the little charity shop basket too! xxx

  2. Never too much pink! I've got some really similar hooks to those in your top pic that I hang mine on when I am back at home, sadly couldn't bring it to uni though- didn't think the landlord would want me drilling in the walls :s xx

  3. Literally been looking for jewellery stands and stuff like that FOR AGES, but never thought of looking in Debenhams! Ha so thank-you! xx

  4. These are really great, i love being organised with practically everything I'm heading towards a Monica Geller from Friends level now, it's insane! xxx

  5. This is beautifully organised! I am so jealous! Gorgeous photos also!x


  6. What lovely, pretty storage! Great pictures of it too. I also categorise my jewellery, though it isn't displayed as prettily as yours. I read a post a while ago on laurenconrad.com about using jewellery as decor and you have pulled it off amazingly! I love your blog it's super cute- very me hehe!



  7. I use a key hook in a bicycle shape for my necklaces, pretty similar to your coat hook idea! I love the idea of using a ribbon, wouldn't have though of that!

    Laila x

  8. Great storage, mine isn't as nice but I do have a really nice jewellery box that I keep the good stuff in!

    joanne from jimmilou.com

  9. love the first hanger!! :) x


  10. The shoe is absolutely amazing! I had something similar (but not as nice!) but lost it a few years ago and totally forgot about it until seeing this- would love something like that again, it's so cute and different xxx

  11. i am definitely obsessed with organization too! there is a specific place for every kind of accessory. ;) i really like the way you organize yours, by the way. :)

    <3, Mimi

  12. Love you storage. Beautifully organised. Hope you will check out my blog. I am following you :) xo

  13. looks lovely!!! come check out my blog too if you want xoxo


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