1 shirt 1 collar : 3 ways

Take one shirt and collar ...
And make 3 lovely outfits!
Blouse : H&M via charity shop £3 / Collar : Dotty Dolly £7 / Shorts : Wrangler via charity shop £2 / Leopard flats : Next £30 / Tartan trousers : charity shop £2 / Floral shorts : Charity shop £1.99 / Brown lace up pumps : Urban Outfitters Sale £10

Okay, so I know a peter pan collar, or the way I've styled one won't be to everyones taste, but, this is just how I would style one. You've also probably realised how girly my style is by now, but i hope you can take a little inspiration from it! Oh, and before i continue, everything in this post (excluding the collar and shoes) is from a charity shop; obviously. ;)

1. DENIM CUT-OFFS : Denim cut-offs are such a staple item, I feel, for every season! They look adorable in winter with opaque tights and chelsea boots, or spring with a blouse, thinner tights and dolly shoes; or summer with sandals and crop tops! So basically, you need a pair girlies! The shirt is the one i pearl studded here, and the collar is one I made (and now sell)! And the shorts are Wrangler, which i cut from jeans that cost me a mere £2 in a charity shop - BARGAIN! If you'd like a pair check ebay for great deals on vintage cut offs such as these Levis.

2. PRINTED TROUSERS : Being one of this seasons biggest trends, printed trousers, whether it be swan,  spotty, floral or tartan print are a great way to style up a simple shirt and a slightly detailed collar. I love how easy printed bottoms are to wear, because you literally could chuck on a plain bodycon top and you're ready to go! You could also go for the clashing print trend by styling a pair of trousers with a different print top like i did here, or just simple keep it chic and simple.

3. FLORAL SHORTS : Regardless of the season we will all wear florals. Granted we wear typically darker florals in winter, but lets face it, the 'floral trend' will never disappear. This pair I've style here were originally a pair of long culottes, but with a bit of hemming they turned into something much more wearable. These are a flared leg, unlike my cut offs so are a great way to mix up how you wear shorts too. Try websites such a Boohoo for affordable, wide legged shorts!

I hope you enjoyed this girlies! I'd love to know which is your favourite outfit? And if any of you happen to be interested in buying one of these peter pan collars, i have 3 available in this pattern and 2 blue and cream polkadot ones (pics in next post) for £7 each (inc P&P) So just send me an email to my personal address : jadearchibald@ymail.com and we can sort out payment etc ... As i'm on the topic... I REACHED 500 GFC FOLLOWERS! So i just wanted to say a mahussive thank you to everyone of you that has stuck by and followed my little blog! It really means so much, so as a little thank you I will be holding a giveaway of a peter pan collar - which i will post on this week!! So *watch this space*

Lots of love x x x 


  1. I love how you've styled these! I adore those foral shorts!x


  2. Look at you little miss talented:-) collar looks great!! xxx

  3. I absolutely love the outfit with the denim shorts, the shoes would look fab with it! x


  4. These are gorgeous! Peter pan collars are my absolute fave! xxx

  5. I love the looks and that collar is amazibg

  6. I am so envious of you owning those floral shorts, they're gorgeous!! I love all of the outfits you've pieced together but especially the third. I can't wait for my collar to arrive now, even more excited! :) xxx

  7. All three looks are great, but my favorite is the second one.


  8. I really loved how you styled all of these! Those flower shorts are adorable! I really can't pick a favourite!

    xoxo, Laura

  9. I can't pick a favourite look, they're all so lovely!

  10. love your blog, now following! gonna go for the first outfit. super cute - lola x


  11. I love all three looks, they're awesome! Your collars are so cute, I really want to buy one when I've got a bit of spare cash. Hmmm when's pay day?!

    Laila x

  12. All three looks you put together look so cute!


  13. I love this collar !It's such a nice print!


  14. Nice looks!


  15. I love how you've done this post! I think maybe the first look is my favourite, although they're all such gorgeous outfits xxx

  16. I absolutely adore each of these outfits! x


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