A little catch up . . .

Hello girlies, i appear to have been a little absent from blogging this week. So, i thought id do a little 'catch up' post (if thats what you want to call it) on a few new things and happenings. This post mainly consists of shoes and clothes; but you know what I'm like by now. To begin ... Here is my new (ish) shoes from primark! I have to say, for just £6 they really were an utter bargain! I wore them for a day out this week, and my feet didn't even realise they had shoes on. Absolutely brilliant! So, head down to prim ark for a pair of black pumps that every girl seriously needs in their shoedrobe.
A few weeks ago i decided enough was enough with the clutter of shoes in my bedroom, so i ventured to IKEA and bought a massive box to put all my flat shoes in which now lives under my bed. My special ones are on show though, obviously. Ohh, that reminds me! I actually bought a pair of pastel pink loafers from Kurt Geigers sale the other day! They were £95 down to £39 so i just couldn't resist ordering them. We're allowed to treat ourselves now and then though, aren't we?
Here is a few new little things; my links of london music note charm that my lovely mummy bought me, a MAC pro colour palette my boyfriend bought me (which i still need to fill) and a travolo perfume holder my mum got me in duty free ;) I love all these things, just simple little items that make me very happy. I received a links of london charm bracelet for my 13th birthday and have literally been filling it ever since, so i was so grateful for this music note in memory of my grandpa to add to my ever increasing charms. They are so bloomin' expensive so i get them at birthdays or special occasions.
And as for my actual wardrobe itself ... well, Im in desperate need of another. Bearing in mind a lot of my clothes are in the wash after a week away at my dads, I really do have too many. Is that possible though? Im clearly just an addicted shopper, and am in desperate need of a clothing rail! I have this one in mind for when I've saved enough pennies ...
So there you have it, a massive amount of photos, some utter gibberish and a little kinda catch up on the new things in my life. Thought i'd leave you with me, the Nikon D3000 camera and the mirror. I get a few questions on what camera i use, so there you go (it is my boyfriends by the way). The lighting was horrific tonight so the quality of the photos is terrible. But i actually quite like that 'vintage' effect :) I've also started running again! Me and my dad are going to attempt a 10km run in september to raise money for the hospice that cared for my grandpa! Oh, and i started driving a few weeks ago too, I actually love it! So fingers crossed i'll be passed by UNI! Lent is also over on sunday, so i can eat chocolate again! Im so proud of myself for doing it, it wasn't for religious reasons, but purely because i just ate too much of the stuff! I hadn't mentioned i'd given it up on my blog, simply because I've never succeeded at it before and didn't want to look like a chicken for not going through with it! Did any of you give things up for lent?

Have a lovely night, and enjoy your weekend lovelies! xxx


  1. Congrats on your lent, that is some serious will power you have there :)
    I love your new shoes :) and I did that with mine too, such useful storage :)

    Laura xoxo

  2. Your wardrobe is so organised and pretty! Mine literally looks like a bombs gone off! Well done on your lent! I don't think i could possibly go that long without chocolate!x


  3. Literally just fell in love with your blog!
    I like your Links charm, I have a Links charm bracelet too which I need to collect more charms for!

  4. Your collection of shoes is great!

    xx Romy

    Please follow me back if you want to ;0


  5. Love the way your wardrobe is arranged :) x

  6. that clothing rail is lovely. your Kurt Geigers are such a bargain xx

  7. those first shoes are gorgeous!

    check out my blog if you have the time

  8. Major wardrobe envy!

  9. I really like your closet doors...Such a nice detail. and I know what you mean, with the whole small closet problem. I'm going through the same thing, and it's so difficult to fit my clothes in a tiny closet. so frustrating!

    found the route

  10. Love those primark pumps!
    I'm always a bit hesitant with primark shoes as I'm always scared they'll cut my feet into pieces, so it's good to know they're comfortable.
    May have to go pick some up this week :)

  11. love your blog and the items in your wardrobe!x

  12. I really want to get a clothing rail too! Just not sure if it would fit in my room but I love the one you picked out xx

  13. I'm loving your shoe collection!
    Thanks for following me :) I'm following you too! Cute blog!!


  14. Awsome shoe storage idea, I'm quite lucky to have a big wardrobe but your looks pretty and organised.


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