Stripe * Shorts

OMG, how annoying is that piece of hair on my neck? Eugh.

Short : Jumble sale / Top : Charity / Cardi : Charity / Belt : Charity / Ring : Vintage / Rucksack : Carboot 
Hello girlies, i just wanted to show you these shorts (that were trousers) that i picked up at a jumble sale the other weekend for 20p! YES ... 20P! I couldnt believe it either! They are a cotton material, so a different texture to Topshops Denim ones (here) , but you can definately see the resemblance, right? I also picked up a leather vintage bag for 20p too so i'll have to show you than soon as well! You really should try and find some Jumble sales near you! They get pretty manic though, our tiny village hall was jam packed with little old ladies pushing and shoving each other to get to the things first ... absolute madness.

I hope you are all having a lovely week so far, I had a half day today, and finish at 10am tomorrow, but i guess that means i should make the most of my time and revise!? Effort. Nevertheless, I will definately make some time to blog and tweet (which I'm getting addicted too)! Enjoy the rest of your evening girlies, and remember to check out my blog sale in my previous post! Oh, and my twitter is jadearchibald1 and my instagram : jidylar! TWEET MEEEE!

P.S Just to let you know; my outfit cost £4.20! Insane. 

Lots of love x x x


  1. Haha I HATE that, when you take pictures and realise there's always that ONE thing that annoys you. In some of mine, it's the nail on the wall where my picture hangs that I took down! Gets me everytime. CUTE outfit though :)

    1. Hahaha tell me about it!! So bloomin' annoying!
      Thankyou sweetie :) x x x

  2. oh god, i loveee the shorts! x

  3. 20p? :O They're so nice! As is the rest of your outfit. Unfortunately, I'm never lucky enough to find such a bargain x

  4. I cant believe you got the shorts for 20p!! thats great, they look really good :)
    I've been looking for some shorts like this in topshop, But I dont want to pay their prices after hearing this!! lol xx

  5. The shorts are gorgeous! I cannot believe they were only 20p! Thats crazy!x

  6. this is so adorable your stunning missy!

    ps im having a nail polish giveaway that id love you to check out :) xo

  7. Gorgeous pictures! When I first caught the number at the bottom I thought it said your outfit came to £420! Haha. Love the shorts :) x

  8. You always find such bargains! I often think wow when I ahve a whole outfit for under 20 but £4.20, wow!

    joanne from

  9. such a cute outfit! you have adorable style :) now following!


  10. I love your style, its really feminine but with a nice edge. Your hair looks amazing too! xxxx

  11. I have a pair of stripe jeans that I cut up similar to the ones in Topshop. I'll have to do a blog post on them soon :)
    Do you live in the countryside the view through your window looks amazing. x

  12. Jade, you're so pretty :) And super talented. You're one of the few people I know who could A)find a 20p pair of trousers and B) turn them into shorts!!
    It looks so good :)

    Laura xoxo

  13. Looove the shorts! I'm going to a jumble sale tonight, hope I get some 20p bargains too! I always add up the prices of my cheap outfits haha, my last outfit post was £2.50 as it was all charity shops and presents!

    Laila x

  14. Wow i xan't beleive how cheap your outfit was it doesnt look it xx
    how bout a folow back..

  15. Amazing bargains!!! The shorts are wicked!!xx

  16. wow I love your outfit! such a bargain.
    your hair is so nice xxx

  17. This is incredible, can't believe such a lovely outfit cost so little!! You're a god at finding treasures at jumble sales I swear!! xxx

  18. Your hair is lovely- thats the length I'm hoping to get mine too :) amazing your outfit cost so little xx

  19. You look so pretty!


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