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Hello girlies, I've got a blog sale for you today! (I'll be doing it in 3 parts) After realising my clothes needed loving and getting fed up of Ebay, a blog sale seemed like a great idea! Atleast you won't have to go through those horrific ebay bidding wars! Well, you still need to get there first though! Hehe. The details are as follows: 

- You must have a paypal account
- Email me at dotty.dolly@ymail.com with the item you would like!
- Those to email first saying they want an item will get it.
- Payment must be received within 3 days of email. If not, the next person that emailed will get the item.
- Once payment is received your item will be sent within 3 days.
- If you have any questions about an item please feel free to email me!
- All shipping : £2
- Paypal Only!

Anyway, enough of the boring stuff; Here's the lovely things i've got for sale! ... 

This is just the first part! i don't want to overwhelm you with an overly pictured post! I hope you like the items, and feel free to email me at dotty.dolly@ymail.com or tweet me at @jadearchibald1 with any questions girlies! x x x


  1. OHH!!! I just love them all and I even have a paypal account but it never works with ebay for some reason :/ they are really pretty though <3


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