*Getting Summer ready : My summer essentials*

Bikini : c/o  To Die For / Sandals : c/o Brantano / Tan : St Tropez / Sunglasses : Istanbul / Necklace : New Look / Playsuit : F&F

Seeing as my last post was about preparing your body for summer, It only seemed right I continued the topic into my 'summer essentials'. With the sun creeping through gradually (I say this despite rain pouring down my bedroom window) I'm beginning to prepare not just my body for some warmth, but also my wardrobe. 

1. Tan : Let me start with something that probably scares a lot of people, mainly in it's 'fake' form. Yes, tan. Now, in my younger years, like many, I suffered numerous horrific attempts at applying the curry smelling, orange looking stuff that often makes you look something like a Zebra the following morning.   Fortunately, with time, research and many 'trial and errors' I've learnt the art of applying it...kinda. With a vigorous exfoliate, good ol' moisturise and using a tan that is actually over the price of £1 it is possible to look 'natural' with something totally fake. You are all probably aware that St. Tropez is one of the most costly fake tans, and if I hadn't recieved this at an event, I probably wouldn't buy it. An alternative i've used is 'St Moritz'  and also Dove's gradual tan moisturiser. I'm not one for a dark tan as i'm inredibly ghostly and don't want it to look too obvious. I also only really apply fake tan for an event that requires me getting out my quinessetnially pale, british legs. But lets face it, a little bit of colour goes a long way into making you feel much more confident in that skimpy playsuit or bikini, right? So unless you're lucky enough to have naturally darker skin, or actually just embrace your pale skin, a little bit of fake tan could possibly help. Especially if you can't even tan in the midst of a Mediterranean summer, like moi.

2. Bikini :  Every girl needs a bikini. FACT. However it can be tediously difficult to find the perfect fitting one, and especially ones that help avoid any 'inappropriate mishaps' whilst running up beaches, swimming in pools, or even whooshing down water-slides (If you're the adventurous type) whilst on holiday. Basically, none of us like popping out of our bikini's and we also want to feel comfortable and confident in them. Fortunately, I've stumbled across my perfect fitting 2 piece for the summer months from the ever so wonderful 'To Die For' swimwear. It's nautical, navy & ever so snug around my body. Quite honestly I can't wait to wear it (someone take me on holiday so i can, yes?) and the fantastic quality has me hoping it will last many summers to come! It also came in the most-adorable-packaging-ever which had me 'oooooo-ing and awwww-ing' at first site. Be sure to check out the site for your bikini fix!

3. Accessories : We all can't live without a good pair of sunglasses, and a go-to statement necklace. Chuck them on with your playsuit over your bikini and you're instantly beach ready! I don't recommend going OTT with accessories whilst baring all on your holidays, but a little jewellery can add that perfect element of 'glamour'. And hey, we all like to look glamorous, right?

4. Sandals : Shoes. Shoes. Shoes. Okay, you all know by now I'm a shoeaholic and although I need to cut down on the shoe spending, I-just-can't-do-it. Shoe rehab anyone? ... Anyhow, not that we need an excuse to buy a new pair of shoes, but summer does seem a rather convenient time to splash out on some spectacular sandals, because no one really wants to be trawling beaches in their winter boots. I've recently let this beautiful pair of metallic, pastel goddesses into my shoedrobe, and my goodness are they doing a good job and being the popular ones. I photographed them here brand new, however they are much more loved (and abused) now. Finding comfort in heels is difficult at times, but the soft cork heel and extra padded insoles make these a fabulous day-to-night pair. I did give them an 'all day' trial recently and I was incredibly impressed to find my tootsies blister free. I actually picked up these Clarks trilby tweed sandals at Brantano, so make sure to check the site for other fab sandals to step you stylishly through summer!

5. Playsuit : Now, I know playsuits are not always everyones cup of tea due to their slight impracticalness when it comes to getting un-dressed. However, bandeau style ones literally slip on and off, and make the perfect cover up for holidays. I purchased this one from F&F a few years ago, and it's seen me through summer after summer. Almost any high street store sells them, and if you like a bargain why not head down to Primark for a cheap, colourful cover up for the beach? You can wear most from day-night, creating versatility and potentially saving space whilst packing for your trip away! Perfect.

I hope you all enjoyed reading about my few 'summer essentials'. Hopefully you're feeling a little more inspired for the summer ahead! Let me know any of the things that help look fab through summer, too! xxx


  1. Gorgeous! I love the sunnies and your playsuit! x

    Tanya | Cat at Heart

  2. Those shoes are to die for! They're all gorgeous! I love this post!


  3. those sandals are gorgeous! I want a pair

    please check out my blog if you have the time?

  4. Love the bikini!
    I definitely need a tan.


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  6. God I love your swimsuit.I love that it's nautical and I love that its a bandeau and I woould kill for it, srsly. xx


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