*Harrods Wish List*

I'm not quite sure about anyone else, but when i think of luxury department stores, I instantly think of Harrods. I remember being a little girl and entering the London store for the first time, and can honestly say I've never had a shopping experience quite like it. Obviously at the time, I was more interested in the toy section while mum was trying on a Burberry trench or Louis Vuitton shoes; But i think the point here is, regardless of your age or interests Harrods is just a fantastic, incredibly luxurious place to shop. Unfortunately for my bank account, I've now grown up a lot (I still love cuddly toys though - shhh.) so things like the infamous Alexander Wang Rocco bag go on my wish lists instead of the newest babyborn dolly (We all loved them though, right?). 

So yes, my love for designer labels has lead to this post. In particular, Matthew Williamson for his beautifully bright, statement jewellery, and quite ethereal printed clothing this season. The monochrome peplum jacket above is just so perfect! Teamed with the Alexander Wang pony skin skirt and Victoria Beckham Python tote, it would create a combination I can only possibly dream of. One day, maybe. 

I hope you've taken a little inspiration from this wish list! I'd love to know what's on yours at the moment! I know all of these will be on my 'PLEASE SANTA!' list this year. (never gonna happen though, Jade...) xxx


  1. The Matthew Williamson fur jacket is lush.



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