Time to build from the bottom of the pit

Dress: c/o Choies / Leather jacket: Oasis / Bag: Chanel / Boots: Mink Velvet

It seems recently that I've been enjoying taking outfit pictures of others, rather than myself. It's always hard fighting with a tripod when you've not got anyone else to take the photos for you, and quite frankly, I love the whole process of styling, bossing around and getting great shots of others! Granted, I'm not the best at photography, but practice makes perfect, right?

Anyway, meet my sister. Known as Paige/Paigey/Piglet/Piggy/Tiddles (call her what you wish) she is the pretty little other half of me. She's made a few sneaky appearances on here before, but I knew she was excited to have her own post! A few weeks back I was kindly sent this gorgeous little smock dress from Choies. However, much to my dismay by boobs (yep, I went there) just wouldn't fit in it. I wasn't dieting just to squeeze in, to find they probably wouldn't shrink anyway (any old excuse, hey). So, I decided to style Paigey up in it, instead. We went for a really simple look, quite similar to her style. Typically, she's the girl who wears a pair of tatty jeans, old knitted jumper and looks a million dollars! Jealous yet? Imagine having to live with it. A combo like that on me resembles something more like a ... erm... (you get the point). That it mind, this is a slightly girlier look for her, but we kept jewellery simple, to none. Styled it with her own leather jacket, brown boots, and threw in my Chanel for obvious good measure. To make the aplique on the dress stand out, I tied her hair up and went for a natural makeup look! We had a lovely afternoon, and made me miss the days when i was little and used to raid mums makeup to paint all over paigeys face! Don't laugh, I know you all did the same to your little sisters!

Let us know what you think of Paige's look by tweeting me here, and commenting below! And to keep up to date with the little one, follow her on instagram: @paigearchibald.

Look out for giveaways and exciting posts over the next few weeks! I've got a lot planned for you lot! xxx


  1. Your sister looks so so lovely, and that dress is just gorgeous! x


  2. that dress looks gorgeous on your sister!

  3. I love this look. Your sister looks lovely x

  4. She looks great, it's annoying that the dress doesn't fit you though, it's beautiful :)xo


  5. Amazing outfit! that bag ♥

  6. gorgeous outfit, in love with the bag <3

  7. Absolutely love this outfit and your style! :D Going to give you a follow on bloglovin' xx www.gisforgingers.com

  8. Love the photos- especially the first one
    Daniella x


  9. Hi dear :) lovely photos and nice outfit!

    New post: http://www.teanonsolomoda.com/2013/12/christmas-gift-idea-with-body-shop.html#.UqbemEld6M9

    Kiss Tea

  10. I think your photography is fab!! Your sister is very pretty love the style she has gone for! I need to loose my baby weight plus extra in the new year to be confident enough to do some style posts! What a great pair 😊 xxx


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