Black...yep, it's back!

Hello lovlies,

Recently i've been sorting out my wardrobe (floordrobe) and i've noticed that i'm lacking in anything black. Honestly, even my leather jacket at the minute is brown! the only things i own that are black is some jeans, a body con dress and skirt and a few basic tops - bad i know.  I've selected a few black bits and bobs that are crying to be in my wardrobe! They are all quite basic: skirt, blazer, shirt, jeans etc...

So here's a few items that are crying to be in my wardrobe! I'll let you know when i manage to purchase these or similar items. I'm going to a car boot sale tomorrow, so fingers crossed!!!

p.s. I'm going to be selling a few lovely items soon that either don't fit/ suit me anymore, including;

  • - size 6 blue high top converse (worn once)
  • - size 10/12 faux fur coat
  • - brown leather vintage handbag

and many more... so if you're interested please let me know girlies so i can give you first pick!

lots of love x

topshop: £36
topshop: £40
dorothy perkins: £40
dorothy perkins: £8.50


  1. Love that Dorethy Perkins, cardigan, jacket? haha, love the shape of it!

  2. the jeans are lush :) looking forward to seeing what you have for sale x

  3. oh, i love those items!
    they're great!

    Fashion Philosophy

  4. Percect !I love every single item:)
    Following your sweet blog now:)

  5. Thankyou so much! I'll check out your blog! xxx


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