Charity Shop Haul

Hello lovlies, 

sorry if all the posts are becoming a pain! But i couldn't not share what i found today with you! I felt like a little bit of retail therapy after a rather 'crappy' day, and what better place to go to than a charity shop! Within 5 minutes i had picked up these beauties, and they are just perfect! I've been looking for a slightly over-sized denim jacket for ages now, and was soooo happy to find this! A tweed blazer has also been on my 'want' list for a while, and even better with a fur collar! - My lucky day!

p.s. I've changed the style of my blog, i got bored of it before. Let me know what you think girlies <3

Denim jacket: charity shop: £5.00

Tweed blazer: charity shop: £4.50


  1. I love this!! I never find cute stuff in my local charity shops!!

    LoveFaye xoxo

  2. Love the tweed blazer. what a bargain !

  3. I know, ive been very lucky! Just check your local charity shops really often, i normally find nothing in some of them :) haha xxx


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