Topshop, oh Topshop


So, as you've all probably noticed, topshop is FAB at the minute! like honestly, i want everything! With so much to choose from i thought i'd do a little post on the sort of items i would wear to college. College is one of those places where people either go OTT with their outfits, or put completely no effort in at all! I try to be the minority and dress comfortably yet 'fashionable' at the same time, so here is a few things...

I've chosen 4 trends here: chunky knit jumper, coloured jeans, glitter, and embellishment. A black oversized bag would also look great with this outfit for college :)

Green Jeans: £36 Jumper: £46 Glitter Shoes: £20 Embellished Cuff: £18.50


  1. love these- green jeans are definitely on my wishlist x

  2. I'm aware I've already posted on this but I'd like to let you know that I've given you the Liebster Blog Awarddd :) x

  3. Hey sweetie, so sorry for the late reply, my blooming laptop broke :( Definitely saving for some green jeans, need to find some cheaper ones than topshop though! any idea?

    Thankyou so much for the award, will get on it! xxx


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