The fringe is back

Hello girlies, hope you are all well!

This is just a quick post to say I GOT A FULL FRINGE! well, i've had one before, but it's equally as exciting the second time round. I was getting bored of my hair before and needed a change, i'm going through one of those phases where i don't like anything about me *sad face* and need to do something about it. I'm starting a diet and exercising regularly (ewww) especially as christmas is soon and i need room to eat all the sweets ;) So i'll do a post on that soon!

Anyway, please give me thoughts and opinions of my hair...i hope you like it!


(sorry, i got a bit carried away with the webcam)


  1. I LOVE the fringe! I want one soooo much but my face shape doesn't suit it at all! you look beautiful, your fringe is like fabulous boho!

    LoveFaye xoxo


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