My Year - 2011

For some it may have been a really tough year, and others a great one, but as 2011 is very nearly over i want to reflect on the good moments of this year and not the bad ones. Yes, this year may have not been perfect, but I should be grateful i've got the chance to make the most of another year ahead. Many exciting things have happened this year, including my mums wedding, holidays to both Russia and Cyprus, getting back with my amazing boyfriend, passing AS levels and of course, starting this blog (which i love) These are only a few things, and obviously 2011 has had it's downs, but they've only made me stronger. Okay, i'm getting a bit too soppy now, but you know what I mean.

WARNING : picture heavy to the max...

I'd also like to thank every lovely one of you that follows and reads my blog! I didn't start this to 'get the most followers' etc.. I just wanted the chance to share things i love with new people and also explore new things aswell. I love that we all just comment to each other like we're friends, even though we don't know each other, it's just so... Coooool! The blogging world is such an exciting place and I can't wait to blog all next year! 

My blog 2011

So, have a fantabulous New Year and Roll on 2012 girlies! ....


  1. I think thats cool too, i love that about blogging. I wish you a happy new year! Hope its better for you than previous years.
    Best Wishes!♥

  2. This is my favorite new years post I've read so far! There was something really heart felt about it haha :) Happy new year m'dear! xx

  3. Thankyou girlies! Hope you both had a lovely New Year! xxx


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