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Hello girlies!

I havn't posted in a while, mainly due to my laptop nightmare. My unreliable dell decided to go to laptop heaven and i couldn't bloomin afford a new one! :'( however, my lovely mummy was kind enough to buy the cheapest netbook available to get me through exams! So, here i am, with a laptop as small; and may i add, as slow as a snail. But atleast i've got something hey?

Anyway, enough of the complaining! I finally managed to check my blog and saw that the lovely kate at stylemereckless gave me the 'versatile blogger' award! Her blog is honestly amazing, as is her style! Definately check her blog out! Thankyou Kate! <3

1. Thank the person that awarded you and link back to their blog
2. Share seven facts about yourself
3. Nominate three blogs to receive the award

Seven Facts about Me
1. I'm terrified of anyones feet!
2. I used to get bullied for having big eyes
3. I want to study geography at uni
4. My boyfriend of 2 years lives with me (we got loads of crap about it, but who cares?)
5. I've never been to a big festival like leeds or reading!
6. I have an unhealthy obsession over Bob Marley
7.  I have a horse <3





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Hi, I'm Jade. Just a 19 year old girl with big dreams. Chocolate lover, shopaholic and living way beyond my means. (That rhyme was unintentional, honest.) If you'd like to get in contact, i'd love to hear from you at:

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