A few festive pictures

Yes, i'm a bit late on this post, but i've been away from home and didn't have my laptop - camera connector with me :( However, I got back late last night so i am now able to show you a fewpiccies from my christmas! I took loads of my amazing presents, but I havn't yet received them all so I will do a post on them in the New year! I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and an equally amazing New Year!

Lots of love xxx

The christmas tree

An angel from the tree

Instead of a stocking, my dad did this! How cute? 

Can't really tell, but this was my makeup on christmas day - very subtle and natural.


  1. Aww your tree looks lovely and thats so cute what your dad did, lucky girl!


  2. Thankyou Nicola! I was so shocked at how thoughtful it was of him! :) tehe xxx


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