Must have: Faux fur gilet

I can guarantee that even less than a year ago there would have been no hell in way that I would have even considered to wear one of these! However, our tastes change don't they? And a little thing called 'fashion' can help change your ways. See something 'on trend' and you instantly try and involve it in your wardrobe. So, yes, faux fur gilets are 'on trend' and I want one. Don't get me wrong, some of them are horrific but I LOVE both of these! Imagine your faux fur coat - just without the sleeves. All of these cuties are crying to be in my wardrobe and would make a simple out (think jeans and a plain blouse) look instantly more 'interesting'.  Do you like them? Have one?

left: River Island: 25.00  middle: Warehouse: 30.00  right: Dorothy Perkins: 25.00


  1. I love all of these, especially the one from Dorothy Perkins! :)x


  2. Hehe, That and the river island one are my favourites! xxx


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