Outfit 1: Stripes and leopard

Apologies for no 'full length' photos girlies! i had noone to take any :( It's just a simple outfit i wore to go charity shopping. Hope you enjoy. xxx

Stripe bretton top: Charity shop
Leopard collared car coat: Topshop
Blue bag: Charity shop
Leopard flats: Next
Velvet leggings: TKmaxx
Earing: Topman
Lipstick: 'please me' by MAC


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Hi, I'm Jade. Just a 19 year old girl with big dreams. Chocolate lover, shopaholic and living way beyond my means. (That rhyme was unintentional, honest.) If you'd like to get in contact, i'd love to hear from you at: dotty.dolly@ymail.com

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