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Hey girlies,

You know those moments when just need to rant and rave regardless of the relevance or who's reading? well this is one of them. I've had an absolutely manic week with sending my UCAS application (those of you going uni this year will understand the pain) sorting my travel arrangements for the week (I’ll get onto that later) panicking about exams and having to ‘look’ after the sister and boyfriend as they seem to be incapable of doing anything once mother goes away. Bloody nightmare, and it’s only Friday.

As some of you may have read, I lost my cat a few months ago – I’m still devastated. However, a few months before that my ‘not so lovely’ sister wished him dead and begged for 2 kittens. Well, getting new kittens with a very grumpy and dominant old cat already living in the house was a bad idea. Within days there was arguments between them and they had to be split up. The kittens were/are adorable, but seemed to only be on this planet to piss-me-off. Beds were pissed on, carpets crapped on and curtains torn to pieces. Although these devils were not my idea, I had to clear up after the buggers. Anyway, more onto the point, my beautiful cat died, and just this week one of the kittens suddenly passed away aswell. The sister was devasted and just added to my already stress. The other kitten Hermionie (apparently now ‘my cat’) is now a ‘do what she wants’ animal and is proving, although a very cute one, a PAIN-IN-THE-ASS. Okay, I love her really. But still! I’ve still ended up with the short straw. Wow, I sound like a winger, but I’m sure some of you animal owners will sympathise…Right?

After such a stresfull week I’m actually glad to be currently sat on a train heading down south for a few days of sanity. The grandparents wanted to see me so I booked a train this week. With my grandpa being ill it seemed like a lovely option to help out a few days before Christmas (I’m so excited) the weeks job are going to consist of cooking, decorating and walking the beyond-big-dog that looks something like a walrus…Imagining it? Terrified? – you should be. The best parts of my week however are going to be charity shopping tomorrow, seeing father and waching ‘puss in boots’ the movie and, oh yeah..LONDON! My mum is currently there, so on Tuesday morning I’m heading down to meet her and the boyfriend to go and see a play, not sure what one yet though. We’re then staying in a BEAUT hotel and enjoying 24 hours of luxury before trecking back to the mad house.

All in all I’m actually terribly looking forward to the week ahead. Finsishing it off with my favourite day of the year... need I say more?

P.s. I know i don't have many followers, so not many will be reading this, but is there any posts you want me to do? I've got some OOTD's and a room/storage tour lined up though!

Much love x


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