Boxing Day Sales

Hey girlies! Hope you all had a fab christmas! I had such a lovely day and received many amazing presents, particularly my new macbook! Its the white one they stopped making about 5 months ago, but has the same 'spec' as the macbook pro. I'm in love with it! It's so so pretty! I hope you all got what you wished for! Anyway, today i braved the sales at Milton Keynes and picked up a few great items! I will post on these later, but one item I wanted to inform you all about is the 'python sleeveless dress' from the LOVE concession at Topshop. The dress retails at 38.00 but is in the sale for 19.00 - BARGAIN! It is a similar shape to a skater dress, just much more floaty and elegant i feel. They have many designs including the python one i bought. Here is my favourites! Buy them here at inlovewithfashion!

 I would love to know what everyone else picked up the sales! 

Much love xxx

I have this one! 


  1. cute dresses, I particularly like the bottom one

    Jess †

  2. Ahh I've been scanning online sales and totally forgot this shop! I love their stuff, oh god this could end badly ;) x

    sweet monday

  3. My boyfriend bought me the feather dress for Christmas ! Love it :D


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