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Thankgod it's friday hey? It's been such a manic week with exams, but it's also been a good one! ... I got an offer from Manchester Uni!!! to study Geography. I originally was going to study economics, but decided it's not for me, besides, i enjoy Geography much more anyway! I really want to go to Newcastle Uni though (so fingers crossed) Anyway, If you've been following my blog for a while now, you will know how much I love charity shops! I never seem to fail to find some bargains! Also i did surprisingly well in the sales this year too! So here is a few things i have picked up recently!

I hope you have all had a lovely week, any of you had uni offers as well?

Velvet skater dress: charity shop £6
Leopard coat: warehouse £60
Brown studded belt: charity shop 50p
Star Earings: Topshop £2
Brown purse: Urban Outfitters £5


  1. I love the fur coat! Its gorgeous and the earrings are a bargain!

  2. I love everything you got! Especially the dress, it's gorgeous x

  3. i love your purchases, the dress and belt you got from the charity shop were such bargains!xx

  4. Oooh really loving the belt! :)
    I hope you get to Newcastle if that is where you want to go!
    I really want to get into Leeds to do Philosophy and Politics, I've got an offer so now it's just getting the grades. Heard back from all mine except York! Offers from all, well done on getting Manchester! Geography will be such a good course, I think it's such a fab subject!!
    Issy xox

  5. Love the coat so much :) x

  6. Your coat is amazing!! WOAH. cute blog!

    xx Missy

  7. Love the colour of your dress. What a bargain too! Well done for getting accepted at Manchester and hope you get accepted for Newcastle too. Seems like a fab place to live, especially for a student. Thanks for following, I'm gonna follow your's back xx

  8. The dress is fab, love the colour :)

  9. LOVE the coat,its gorgeous!-great blog :) x

  10. lovely dress and coat! can't believe the dress was only £6 bargain!

    Tanesha x

  11. Can't believe the dress was only £6, that coat is amaaaazing too! xo


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