D.I.Y bleached denim jacket

This was supposed to be a different D.I.Y however, typical me went and lost what i just ordered to do it! So, here is another cheeky one i had up my sleeve. A lot of you have probably heard about bleaching your denim jacket or seen videos on youtube, but i haven't actually seen a blog post on one (apologies if I've missed one of yours) There are many ways you can do it, such a tying your jacket up in a band and soaking it in bleach, however i have a slightly non-messier version of how I bleach a jacket! I hope you enjoy girlies!

So lets start with what you need:

1. A plastic washing up bowl / something similar
2. Bleach (any brand)
3. Old toothbrush
4. Bin liners
5. Denim Jacket

Step 1: Place a bin liner under your jacket, and one in-between your jacket to stop the bleach leaking through.

 Step 2: Pour a small amount of bleach into the bowl, you can add more later if you need to.

Step 3: Dip your toothbrush in the bleach and start to brush on the bleach in your desired place. I like to focus on the pockets, collar and try and create an 'ombre' effect from the bottom of the jacket, up! But you can do what ever you like, even if its just the pockets :)

Step 4: After a few minutes you will start to see the yellow stain, once you have finished the front, turn your jacket over so you can do the back. Don't forget the sleeves either! Oh, and don't worry if it's not exactly the same as the front, you are aiming for a 'distressed' look here anyway :)

Step 5 : Leave your jacket for 10 minutes on the table, or hang it up. Then put it in the washing machine on a cool 30 degree wash so than any excess bleach is removed! I havnt actually washed mine yet as the silly washing machine is having a funny 5 minutes, so the technician guy is coming out monday to fix it!

So this is what mine looks like without being washed! It looks horrible and yellow, but when i get the chance to wash it, it will come out whiter and the patches will look more even as the excess bleach washes out! This jacket i have used is actually an unbranded oversized one from a charity shop for £3! I also studded the collar as you probably noticed! I hope you have enjoyed this and found it helpful girlies! I will show you the finished jacket when i get the chance to wash it! haha. 

Lots of love xxx


  1. Great post! I've never seen any blogposts about bleaching denim jackets either so this one was really helpful! Really want to try it when I get chance :)


    1. Thankyouu! Neither had I, so thought it would be a nice post to do!

      I would love to see it when you try it out sweetie! :D xxx

  2. I want to do that with my jacket I bet it will look so cool when it's done! I'm in love with your blog by the way!


  3. This is really great! I think I need to try this out.
    Have you ever done dip dying? I wold love to learn how to do that :)
    Very cute blog!

    Stacie xo
    Curious Damsel

  4. I'm gonna give this a bash once Spring rolls in, I have a denim jacket just asking for a bit of bleaching!x

    1. Haha just read that back and it sounds like I'm talking about edible Spring rolls...obviously meant the seasonal variety!!

  5. Looking forward to see it after its been washed!

  6. wow, that looks really good i want to try it on one of my jackets!

  7. This is awesome! You're so creative xxx


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