Spots & Florals

Recently i've been loving anything spotty or floral! I think the cold weather is making me even more excited for spring so the spring/summer wardrobe is currently deep in thought. With summer you can never really go wrong with florals, and spots are still in this season too, so these seem like not only a 'wear any season' option but a safe one as well. I'm also going to try and find some different coloured spotted items as that seems like a change from the typical white! (it's good to be different, right?) All these pieces are actually from Dorothy Perkins! I know, i couldn't believe it either! It's one of those shops i have times of love and hate. Some days i go in and think 'OMG, i could literally own everything' and other days i'm like 'oh dear'.  However, i'm currently in love with the place and contemplating buying one of these lovelies. I really shouldn't, but.... Maybe i should hint for valentines day? - Now, that's a good idea! These lovely dresses are actually in the 'brands at DP' section so you can find them there! The brands are names I've never heard such as Sugar Reef and Alice&You, but they are definitely worth checking out especially with prices around £25! You can't go wrong.

I hope you are all having a lovely week so far! Mines been pretty hectic with exams, however I did actually get an offer from Leeds uni today so i'm feeling rather chirpy despite the horrifically cold weather. I've also been lucky enough to receive more blog awards from some lovely girlies, but I will be posting on this tomorrow along with a DIY (Hopefully). As said last week i was waiting for something from ebay, however i've managed to lose it in my room somewhere already - Not cool. But fingers crossed it will have appeared within the next 24hours! and If all else fails, I have another cheeky DIY up my sleeve ;)

Lots of love girlies, and hello to my lovely new followers!



  1. I am at leeds uni, and can safely say if you go.. you will love it!!!xx

  2. I love love the middle dress - but the other 2 are so cute too!

  3. i love the middle dress (: pretty cute!
    congratulation on your offer at leeds uni (:
    CMPang x

  4. My favourites are the middle and last dresses, so so pretty! I never would have thought they'd be from Dorothy Perkins. Totally agree about DP being one of those hit and miss kind of shops! I recently bought a new iphone case from there haha :)

  5. I'm the total same with DP's, I used to always rule it out all together! I love the middle dress!

  6. I love the first dress, has a very Pretty Woman feel to it :)
    Lovely blog :)

    Laura xoxo


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