Kreativ Blogger award

This is now the 3rd award I have received since starting my blog last September! I feel so privileged and it's so rewarding to know that people enjoy your blog! I would like to say another big thank you to AisforAyla for awarding me this! So lets get started :

You have to answer the following questions..

1 - Your favourite song
One Love - Bob Marley (utter obsession)

2 - Your favourite dessert
carrot cake - BY FAR!

3 - What ticks you off
Girls that beg for attention by saying they're 'fat' and 'ugly' and especially when they upload pictures on Facebook posing with a caption of 'I look fat but need a new profile picture' EUGH, GET OVER YOURSELVES! Tbh, Facebook ticks me off in general.

4 - When i'm upset I...
Buy as much chocolate as possible, put on Bridget Jones and snuggle up in my duvet! - bliss.

5 - Favourite pet
I have a horse, dog and kitten, but my horse is probably my favourite (inevitable i know...)

6 - Black or white

7 - Biggest fear
FEET! they honestly terrify me. I could never ever ever do pedicures. Ew, just no! ha.

8 - Everyday attitude
Due to the terminal illness of my grandpa, i have learnt to live everyday likes its my last. Yes, i have lazy slouchy days (we all deserve them) but mainly i try to make the most of the time i have...and appreciate it.

9 - What is perfection
Nothing. Unless you're Gerard Butler

10 - Guilty pleasure
Baking brownies and eating the whole damn lot. Bugger the diet...

The 10 blogs i'm awarding: 

Charlestownvintage - Not been following long, but I absolutely love her blog.
Jimmilou - Regular posts, and leaves the loveliest of comments! Great blog
Astepintostyle - Also not been following long, but a definite 'must follow'
Pmokingsot - lovely girl with great style!
Blamingbeauty - A gorgeous girl who posts regularly!
Oliviaonamission - lets just say; you'll be jealous.
Milliemay - a really lovely blog worth following!
Fashioninflux - A gorgeous girl with envious style!
Velvetpassion - regular poster who picks up the most amazing bargains!
 Electricsunrise - Only started following recently, but already fallen in love with her blog!

So there you have it! Apologies for the long post, it's a long award! ha. Thankyou so much again to Ayla, i'm so grateful! These little awards are so great for up and coming blogs, and allows all us girlies to find new blogs we've not read before! I've tried to award blogs i've not awarded before or havnt already been awarded. Sorry if you have been...

hope you are all well, lots of love xxx 


  1. thankyou soso much you're lovely! x

  2. Thank you sooooo much for the blog award - it is my first one and i feel so happy!! Thats so nice of you to choose me! Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou xxxx

  3. Awhh thanks so much! I'm going to do this tommorrow!

  4. awh, i love learning about people through posts like these. i have to say that your answer to number 10 is bang on haha :)

    ♥mollie from musicandmollie

  5. You're very welcome girlies! Your lovely blogs deserve it!

    Thankyou mollie! I actually did this today, naughty i know, but i blame exams! :p


  6. Oh wow thank you so much! I just read through your blog and I love it, definitely following xx

  7. I absolutely adore reading little info tidbits off bloggers like this! Thanks for sharing hun. I also have an uncontrollable fear of pedicures and COULD NEVER get one done haha.

  8. Ahh thank youu so much:D!! I love your blog!! xx

  9. Congrats on the award lovely! Chocolate brownies and gerad butler, offt yeah ;)

  10. Awww hunni thank you so much for this!! Reading this seriously made my day.. (was up at 6am and had a 2 hour exam!!) so this was lovely to read! :)
    I really appreciate it that you take time to read my wee blog, means so much to me!! :D

    THANK YOUUUU <3 you are amazing! Hope your new year has been great so far!!


  11. oh and particularly love your answer to number 9.. Gerard <3 Gotta love a fellow scot! haha xoxoxx

  12. Charlestown is definitely my favourite.. and she's such a sweet girl too!x

  13. I literally agree with EVERYTHING you just said hahah! Thank you very much for awarding me this! Lovely read xxxxxx


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