A years supply of Nails inc. ...

This, potentially is the most practical, beautiful and amazing christmas present i received last year. Surprisingly my boyfriend actually picked up a gift set of 10 nails inc polishes for me. I can't begin to explain how grateful I was! There literally is a years supply here, with colours for every season. The bright red, blue and nude will be PERFECT for spring/summer and the glitters, dark purples and reds are great for the current season. Originally, i thought the glitters were like a top coat, but they are so think and pigmented you can also use one as an all over nail colour - yay!
Left-right: Berkeley square; Bow street; Bristol; Ganton street; Villers street; Eden grove; Chester square; Kingly street; Shelton street.

Below is a picture of my random little nail. All the others were slightly chipped *sad face*. I used Bow street and Shelton street which gave a glittery purple, but like said before, the gold is really pigmented so i only needed one thin layer to get this effect - love it. I've actually had this polish on for 10 days now, and surprisingly it has lasted. I'm sure you have all heard, use or want some Nails inc. polishes, and although the RRP averages around £11 they are definitely worth every-single-penny.

I hope you enjoyed this post girlies! I would also like to say thank you and helloooo to all my lovely new followers! xxx


  1. Wow! I love all of those colours!
    Issy xox

  2. wow, i'm super jealous! love the sparkles! Have you tried barry m's sparkley varnish? It's very good too! :))

  3. Your sooo lucky. loving the sparkles and the maroon colour looks great too!

  4. What a great boyfriend! There's some great colours there, it really will see you through the year. I bet you will still buy more though!


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