The heels I couldn't live without

Hey girlies, so here is my favourite all time heels. Like most of you, I own many pairs of shoes and heels, however when on a night out there are only ever a few I go to. As you may notice, they all vary in colour, which I feel is vital in a shoedrobe. What's the point of owning 10 pairs of black heels? none whatsoever. (No matter how beautiful they are) Typically, I would wear a black LBD when clubbing; so it's nice to add a spice of colour to my outfit. 

The blue bow heels are probably the prettiest pair of shoes i own, and tbh, I don't wear them enough. My lovely mum originally bought them for me for her wedding last summer, as i was a bridesmaid! All day I received so many compliments! They are from Kurt Geiger and i think they retail around £100? Unfortunately my mums wedding was in a garden, so the heel sunk into the ground, which tore part of the   front of the heel *tears*. So to solve this I'm going to DIY paint the front of the shoe in silver glitter! (I'll be sure to post on this soon).

The pink shoes which have likely caught your eye are a pair of Kurt Geigers I received at Christmas! I didn't have a pair of pink heels so was delighted when I received them. Being pink I am limited to what dresses i can wear them with, however they look perfect with a black LBD! These also retail at £100. 

Okay, so although probably the most uncomfortable heels I have ever worn (look at the heel) I can't help but love them. My boyfriend actually bought these for me at Christmas from Kurt Geiger (OMG) for £100. They may be expensive, but so justifiable for a beautiful pair of, literally 'killer heels.'

Every girl needs a pair of wedges, and what better than a nude pair? I bought these last year from H&M for £24.99 which i feel is an absolute bargain, and wear them all the time! They're so comfortable that you don't even realise you're 5inches off the ground! Definate MUST BUY!

I'm a bugger for anything leopard print, so when i saw these beauties in the Topshop sale for £30 last year I just had to buy them. Because of the main colour being black, these are such versatile heels and go with almost any outfit. The chunky heel and lace-up also makes them comfortable enough for family occasions as well. 

So there you go, My gorgeous heels which I am so grateful to own. Writing this has made me realise how amazing my shoes actually are - WOW. I hope you enjoyed this post girlies! Also, I spent a few hours today trying to create a logo for my blog. I liked what I originally had, however it seemed more than a banner, than a logo someone could easily recognise! Let me know you're thoughts. Finally, I have been grateful enough to receive the 'Kreativ' blog award by the lovely AisforAyla, It's quite a long one, so I will post on this tomorrow, so look out for your blog on that post (It will have my 10 favourite blogs) But for now, enjoy your sunday evening and check out the gorgeous Aylas blog!

Much love xxx


  1. :0 there all so beautiful!!
    I cant believe your boyfriend chose thosse for you.. he obvz has great taste there AMAZING!

  2. love the leopard print ones!!


  3. The leopard print ones are adorable! xx

  4. the nude wedge is so cute!! and so are the leopard ones :')

  5. Great shoes! I love the blue ones so much!

  6. You lucky girl! Such a wonderful collection, you have something for every occasion! My favorite are the wedges :)

    Scarr xx

  7. Lovely shoes, what happiness would we have without them?!

  8. Beautiful heels!

  9. Hi dear, thank you for your sweet comment on my blog, your blog is lovely and I have to say I love these picture, you have wonderful shoes and the colors are amazing. Your blog is lovely by the way and I am a new follower! Hope you follow back!

    Pop Culture&Fashion Magic

  10. You have an amazing heel collection!! I wish I could wear a heel/wedge everyday, but I just can't walk in them, I need some serious practice!!
    Thank you for your lovely comments, I love your blog! I'm following!!
    Love Charlie xoxo.

  11. Thankyou so much for all the lovely comments girlies! I love to read them, and it's lovely to know you all love my shoes just as much as i do!

    Thankyou to those of you now following as well :) xxx

  12. SHOES!!!!
    I am absolutely obsessed with them and I have to say you have a fine collection :D xx

  13. shoes are my utter most weakness, i went to heaven and back when i came across this post, love it!

    1. Haha me too!!! Thankyou for following sweetie :) Im now following back! xxx


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