DIY: pearl studded collar

This is what happens when I'm bored. Originally I was going to sew lace around the sleeves of a new velvet top i bought in a charity shop, however I couldn't find any at home, so i ordered some off ebay so hopefully that DIY can be done next week! This one is so simple to do, all you need is:

1. Old pearl necklace
2. cream coloured thread
3. A needle

I used a denim jacket from a charity shop for £3. 

First, cut the thread off your necklace (unless you already have loose pearls) and if you don't have one you can pick one up in primark for little to nothing! and tie a knot at the end of your thread so the pearls stay firmly in place.


Then, put the needle up through the point on the collar where you want your first pearl to be. Thread the needle through the pearl and then back through the point you started with. (You can repeat it if you feel the need)

You will end up with something like this...
Repeat this process until you have finished sewing. then to finish, loop back through your last stick a few times and full firmly. Cut the remaining thread off, and you're done!

I might add another row of pearls!
If you wish, you can use smaller/bigger pearls and add more or less. Another way i feel would look nice is to spontaneously sew them all over the collar. I'm going to do that with smaller pearls on a shirt. Pearls and pastel colours are going to be big this season so this is definitely an easy and quick way to make your clothing bang on trend!

Any questions, please ask girlies! And if you've done anything similar or have any tips I'd love to see them!

Hope you enjoyed! xxx


  1. This is pretty ingenious! However, I am in need of a nice denium jacket for summer, so will need to sort out one of those first!
    Issy xox

  2. Thank you! :) I am currently selling a brand new topshop denim jacket on my ebay, incase you're interested! :)


  3. Great blog glad I found you! Love the DIY idea on the collar :-)

    Check out my blog some time :-)


  4. Love the DIY might have to try it myself! Great post!xx

  5. Thank you for the lovely comment on my blog - now following you! :)

    Lovely blog - this post is great, might try it out!


  6. this is such a cute touch, do you have a link to your d.i.y posts :) ?

  7. Thankyou for the lovely comments girlies! I am so glad you like it! It's so easy to do!

    Essexrays; This is my first DIY but i have another one soon, i am going to be making a new page on my blog especially for DIY's so its easy to find them :D xxx


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