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All of us have that 'scent' that everyone can recognise, and most of us have something from a friend or relative that 'smells like them' Anyway, when I was younger I wasn't really into perfume, and if i did own one it was likely J-lo or Britney Spears - they are nice, honest. However, as i've grown up my taste in perfume has grown aswell, oh, and got more expensive *sigh* I swear now you can't buy a decent size bottle of a decent smelling perfume for less than £40.00! Hence why we often receive them as presents; but who's complaining?

I've sifted through my perfume collection (theres about 15) and chosen my 3 'most worn' favourites. I received the marc jacobs and vivienne westwood at christmas and just can't stop spraying them! YUM.

1.  'Oh Lola' Marc Jacobs: This one is by far my favourite perfume. It's so difficult to describe a smell, but i'd just say this is beautifully fruity and brightens up any miserable winters day. Although expensive at £52.00 per 100ml it's definitely worth upsetting your bank account! Enjoy...

2.  'Naughty Alice' Vivienne Westwood: We all recognise Vivienne Westwood for being 'crazy and different' well, so is this perfume (In a nice way) It's got a slightly muskier scent but still quite floral, being quite a strong perfume you only need a few sprays and you're guaranteed to smell gorgeous all day. Around £60.00 for 75ml.

3.  'Cherie' Miss Dior: I call this my 'grown up' perfume, I don't know why. It has a very strong musky scent, and again quite floral. I like to wear this one more for evening occasions and always get complimented. Around £74.00 per 100ml (I payed £52.00 at duty free)


  1. miss dior is the best perfume :) I love it :D such a lovely smell :D xx

  2. Marc Jacobs Daisy is my favourite perfume and my family and friends just associates it with me. :)
    I think every girl has had a britney or jlo perfume at one point in their lives - in all fairness they have the nicest bottles!

  3. Hello :) thanks for your comment.
    Great choice of perfumes, I love all of them!
    Jaz xo

  4. Thankyou for the comments girlies!

    Hannah, marc jacobs daisy is one of my favourites as well! Oh lola is my newest so had to include it! :D



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