D.I.Y : Re-working Charity shop shorts

Another D.I.Y for you all! One that everyone could do as well, regardless of whether you have a sewing machine or not! I bought these shorts which are vintage Marks and spencer ;) from a charity shop last week for £1.99! The original length of them was absolutely vile, but i thought they may have potential . . . They are simply just elasticated high waist shorts, and i love them! The thing about 're working' charity items is that, if it goes wrong, it's not like you've wasted loads of money. Id definitely be reluctant to cut up some Topshop ones i have to say though... On the bottom photo it looks like they are quite long, but i promise they are not, it's just me and my awful photography skills! I wanted to do an outfit post today, however, i really just cba. Oh god, that sounds awful, but I'm having one of those 'pyjama days' I'm even wearing my Pyjama top in the photo (It's from H&M if you're wondering, and isn't actually a pj top) so that goes to show how blooming lazy i'm being! Ooops.

Anyway, enough rambling. You probably want to know how I did it? Well, i'll link some videos which are easier to understand than my babbling, but here is the outline of what i did ...

  1. Put your shorts on, then place a pin at the length you want them. Remember to leave at least an inch for the hemming.
  2. Take off your shorts, then fold the bottom twice to give about a 1cm hem. Pin in place.
  3. Check it is level all around the leg (This can be a fiddle by the way) Put them back on as it is easier to check they are level.
  4. Using a sewing machine (or hand stitching) sew in the middle of the hem.
  5. Sew the edge of the hem (This is optional, but i found it made them much more secure)
  6. Remove all excess bits of thread, Then add a button of choice in the centre of the waist band (If there isn't one all ready)

And there you go... simple as that! It took me about 30minutes for anyone wondering :) I hope you enjoyed this girlies! I'll try and do an outfit post tomorrow! The video links are below:


  1. They look fab!



  2. They look brilliant! I'm so awful at sewing though I would probably manage to mess it up haha.

  3. great idea, looks so cool!!


  4. £1.99?!! That's amazing :D Love them, so pretty!



  5. I like this idea, I guess it could work with a skirt too :)


  6. They are an awesome find & great idea :)




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