Summer can't come quick enough . . .

All clothing : River Island

I don't know about anyone else, but i'm rather excited for summer! Despite dreading the thought of getting my legs out (I really need to get running again) I can't actually wait to be able to wear a pretty dress and sandals with out freezing my ass off, and of course, FESTIVALS! I'm currently saving for my Leeds fest ticket (only 11 days left) so fingers crossed i will have enough money, oh, and be able to get a ticket before they all sell out! I've never been to a 'big' festival before (sad i know) so as you can imagine, i'm especially ecstatic! Anyway, you get the point; Summer can't come quick enough. So, i've been looking for some inspiration for my 'summer wardrobe' however, i hate to waste money, so i've tried to find things that are suitable for the current crappy weather England is experiencing (excluding the last few days) and this seems to be the bunch, and all from River Island too. I don't normally shop there, but i'm pleasantly surprised by their current clothing. I tend to find River Island normally a bit 'wacky and out there' which, don't get me wrong, i love! But it's just-not-my-thing. However, these items are totally 'me' and items i think would be great for summer, and festivals too! Isn't that dress just perfect? I've also been searching high and low for a nice pair of lighter wash, high wasted jeans. H&M are actually doing some, but the shape of them didn't suit me, BUT, these look perfect! (Must go and try them in store)! I'm also loving anything polka dot related at the minute, and actually bought a polka dot playsuit from Tkmaxx the other day (I'll show you soon...promise.) So that skirt would be the perfect addition to a serious addiction (Rhyming was not my intention there, honestly)!

Anyhow, i must leave you all now and get some well needed sleep! Enjoy your sunday! Hopefully i'll get a more interesting post up tomorrow! I've got a few D.I.Y'S up my sleeve so watch this space ;)

Lots of love girlies xxx


  1. Love those shoes and jeans! Im not usually impressed by River Island but love these! X

  2. I want that dress, it's gorgeous.
    I can't wait for summer either, this weather is seriously depressing.
    Good luck with your Leeds fest ticket :)

    Laura xoxo

  3. ahh everything you posted is gorgeous! i love river island they have the most pretty stuff! i can't wait for summer either, bring on the dresses and sandals!!! xoxo

  4. good luck with getting a leeds ticket, the lineup looks seriously amazing!xx

  5. Some amazing finds here! you should get them all :D but I wouldn't wear any of them to Leeds! festivals are so dirty and muddy, your beautiful clothes will all be destroyed :( xxxx

  6. I have the navy skirt! It's so wonderful!
    Issy xox

  7. love love loveee those shoes! Literally so excited for summer! :) x

  8. Love the floral shorts! X


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